Revolutionary EnduroShield Chosen by Gulf Glass Industries for Prestigious UAE Project

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EnduroShield Chosen for Innovative Flydubai Headquarters, Redefining Sustainability

EnduroShield, in collaboration with Advanced Process Technologies and Gulf Glass Industries, is delighted to announce its selection for the prestigious Flydubai headquarters project. This groundbreaking initiative exemplifies Flydubai’s commitment to expanding its network and enhancing connectivity while prioritizing sustainable practices. The architectural marvel, spanning an impressive 363,174 square feet (33,740 sqm), showcases a range of cutting-edge facilities, underpinned by EnduroShield’s advanced easy-clean coating technology. This eco-friendly solution ensures long-lasting protection and low maintenance for the building’s glass surfaces, while simultaneously reducing the environmental impact associated with facade upkeep.

Transforming Flydubai’s Headquarters

Since its inception in 2009, Flydubai has emerged as a dynamic and forward-thinking brand, revolutionizing travel accessibility in underserved markets. To reflect its success story and pioneering identity, Flydubai commissioned the development of its headquarters in Dubai, meticulously designed to foster sustainability, innovation, and employee well-being. Boasting an array of amenities such as office spaces, training and recreation centers, a medical clinic, restaurants, and business accommodation, the facility also features a standalone warehouse and convenient onsite parking.

EnduroShield: The Perfect Choice for Sustainable Façade Maintenance

One of the project’s key objectives was to minimize the environmental impact resulting from excessive water consumption during facade maintenance, while preserving the building’s aesthetic appeal. Gulf Glass Industries recognized EnduroShield’s remarkable coating as the ideal solution for achieving an easy-clean, low maintenance facade. Pascoal DSilva, Quality & Technical Manager at Gulf Glass IND. CO. LLC, expressed satisfaction with the decision, affirming that EnduroShield’s cutting-edge technology aligns perfectly with the project’s vision.

Unveiling EnduroShield’s Easy Clean Coating Technology

The Flydubai headquarters stands as a testament to architectural excellence, blending state-of-the-art features with sustainable design elements. Notably, the implementation of EnduroShield’s easy clean coating technology ensures long-lasting protection and simplified upkeep of the building’s glass surfaces. This highly durable and UV-resistant water-repellent coating thrives in Dubai’s hot climate, offering an innovative solution for maintaining the exterior glass despite constant exposure to the elements. Forward-thinking building owners seeking aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious solutions consistently turn to EnduroShield for their projects.

Project Details:

  • Client Name: Dubai Aviation Corporation (Trading as Flydubai)
  • Consultant Name: Dewan Architects + Engineers
  • Glass Type: 7073 square meters of 8mm GT SS Combi Grey 50/28

Source: EnduroShield with additional information added by Apazone

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