Revolutionary Advancements: LIJIANG Glass Introduces Cutting-Edge Aluminium Frame Installation in Insulating Glass Line

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LIJIANG Glass Enhances Efficiency and Precision with Innovative Aluminium Frame Installation in Insulating Glass Line

To optimize the installation process and facilitate efficient glass inspection, LIJIANG Glass has implemented a cutting-edge approach that utilizes the contrast between dark and bright colors of LED tubes. This ingenious technique ensures ample illumination in the upper frame detection area, enabling swift and accurate glass assessment.

Introducing the Double-Station Liftable Platform

To tackle the challenge of installing large-format glass with soft aluminium strips, LIJIANG Glass has ingeniously devised a double-station liftable platform. This innovative solution allows two skilled operators to work simultaneously on the platform, streamlining the installation process and ensuring ease of operation.

Source: LIJIANG Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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