Revitalizing Glass Production: SOCAVER Elevates Performance with Furnace No. 1 Renovation

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SOCAVER’s Furnace No. 1 Upgrade: Powering Glass Production to New Heights

SOCAVER, a subsidiary of the renowned Boissons du Cameroun group, has embarked on an ambitious venture to enhance its productivity and meet the evolving demands of performance and innovation. This landmark project involved the complete shutdown and renovation of Furnace No. 1, spanning from March 2021 to July 5, 2023. This substantial investment complements the inauguration of Furnace No. 2 in 2019.

Scaling Production Capacities: A Cutting-Edge Industrial Investment

The state-of-the-art industrial equipment deployed in this venture, valued at XAF 3.5 billion (EUR 5.5 million), will significantly bolster SOCAVER’s production capacity by a staggering 50 percent, enabling the production of approximately 100,000 bottles per day. This expanded output aims to fulfill the growing demands of Cameroon and the neighboring regions, which currently face a glass deficit estimated at around 10,000 tonnes.

Collaborative Expertise for Success

Over fifteen local companies have collaborated on this project, receiving guidance from industry-leading experts from SORG, Bucher Emhart Glass, TIAMA, and All Glass. This synergistic effort ensures the successful implementation of cutting-edge technologies and processes.

Reducing Reliance on Glass Imports

By leveraging an annual melting capacity of 15,000 tonnes, the activation of the upgraded furnace will play a pivotal role in curbing the need for glass imports among companies operating within the region. This development aligns with SOCAVER’s commitment to bolster local industries and reduce dependence on external suppliers.

Driving Sustainable Development with Circular Economy

As the sole glass factory in Central Africa, the Société Camerounaise de Verrerie exemplifies its dedication to sustainable practices, with over 90 percent adherence to the principles of the circular economy. This focus aligns with the objectives of energy and ecological transitions, as well as the commitment to long-term sustainable development.

Source: Société Camerounaise de Verrerie  with additional information added by Apazone

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