Revamp Your Style with the All-New OmniDecor.lab Collection

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Revitalizing Design: Explore the OmniDecor.lab Collection at Fuorisalone

The Fuorisalone collateral event in Milan always brings a breath of fresh air and novelty, and this year, OmniDecor is set to captivate with renewed energy and dynamism. Embrace the essence of modern design as we unveil our latest creations at the exclusive OmniDecor.lab showroom in Via Cerva 23, Milan. Prepare to be mesmerized by our standout pieces: Bōru, Yūrei, and Quadratti.

Introducing Bōru: Graceful Screens of Glass

Step into the realm of elegance with Bōru, showcased at Alcova, the former slaughterhouse at Porta Vittoria, Milan. Designed by the visionary Lidia Covello, these screens exude softness and style. Delicately blending glass and light, Covello has crafted a pliable and iridescent material that bestows Bōru with ornamental and sculptural allure. Harnessing the expressive potential of our finest glass solutions, including DecorOpal, Bondi, Riga, and Specchio, Bōru showcases the remarkable technical expertise of OmniDecor.

Yūrei: Ethereal Vases, a Fusion of Artistry and Craftsmanship

Experience the ethereal beauty of Yūrei, a collaboration between Lidia Covello and Alberto Gaiotto. These vases feature a painted aluminum tube intersected by a glass pane, meticulously shaped to replicate a hand-sketched free section. Reflecting the essence of manual expertise, a hallmark of excellence Made in Italy, Yūrei’s profiles exude serenity and harmony. Crafted using materials such as Riga, Bondi, Rete, Microdot, and Specchio, Yūrei captivates with its engraved surface, transforming glass into a presence—a soul encased in a glass body, reminiscent of traditional Japanese Yūrei ghosts.

Quadratti: Unveiling a New Glass Sensation

Discover the newest addition to the DecorFlou® Design collection: Quadratti. Developed through a collaboration with Egidio Panzera Architect, this decorative glass offers a fresh perspective. With its alternating rectangles and squares, Quadratti forms a mesmerizing interplay of negatives and positives. As light permeates the glass pane, intricate geometric patterns emerge, creating a captivating optical effect that sets it apart from traditional designs. From hotels and residences to retail spaces and interior decor, Quadratti offers endless possibilities.

Embrace the OmniDecor Experience: Unveiling the New Outfit

Curated by renowned set designer Lidia Covello, the new outfit is a testament to OmniDecor’s commitment to showcasing our extensive product range. Enhancing our collection with new finishes and decorations, we reaffirm our status as the go-to destination for international designers seeking excellence.

Join us at Fuorisalone and witness the convergence of art, craftsmanship, and innovation. OmniDecor continues to redefine the boundaries of design, captivating hearts and minds with our visionary glass creations. Explore our world of endless possibilities and elevate your space with the remarkable OmniDecor.lab collection.

Source: OmniDecor with additional information added by Apazone

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