Renowned Master Architect Tours Luoyang NorthGlass for Inspiration and Innovation

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Luoyang NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., Ltd. Hosts Masters of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Luoyang, China – At the beginning of April, Luoyang welcomed distinguished guests from the fields of civil engineering and architecture. The delegation, led by Professor Li Guoqiang, chairman of the Shanghai Creative Studies Institute, and Mr. Wang Dasui and Mr. Guo Jianxiang, both master engineers from China Engineering and Consulting, visited Luoyang NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., Ltd. (NorthGlass) for an in-depth tour of its facilities.

On March 31st, the delegation visited the Sui-Tang Dynasties Grand Canal Cultural Museum, which showcases Luoyang NorthGlass’ large glass supplies. The museum’s design, created by Tongji Architectural Design Group, showcases the cultural connotation of the Grand Canal heritage while highlighting the charm and cultural symbol of the Tang Dynasty of Luoyang.

The following day, the delegation visited the Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital. In the afternoon of April 1st, the delegation toured Luoyang NorthGlass SiNest’s workshop, where they gained a comprehensive understanding of the processing process and installation of finished products, including the NorthGlass light crystal stone and glass. General Manager Jiang Wei provided a detailed introduction to the production of raw materials, the production process, the processing process, and application cases.

The delegation expressed their admiration for the lightweight, high strength, fire prevention, environmental protection, and decorative properties of NorthGlass’ products, which are perfectly suited to modern building needs and trends. Furthermore, they praised the potential of these prefabricated materials to greatly reduce construction cycles, improve construction efficiency, and lower costs while contributing to the construction of a more beautiful society.

Gao Xueming, Chairman of NorthGlass and Chairman of NorthGlass SiNest, Gao Li, Vice Chairman, and President of NorthGlass, Jiang Wei, General Manager, and Li Chunchao, Marketing Director, warmly welcomed the delegation and provided them with a memorable visit to Luoyang NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., Ltd.

Source: NorthGlass with additional information added by Apazone

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