PurOptima Makes Strides in U.S. Expansion: Adds Six Partners and Transitions to Sustainable Aluminum Supply

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Leading Glass Wall Manufacturer, PurOptima, Broadens Presence Across the U.S. with Six New Project Partnerships

PurOptima, a trailblazer in the manufacturing of premium glass wall partitions and door systems, is making significant strides in its U.S. expansion strategy by welcoming six new project delivery partners spanning the entire country. This expansion aligns with PurOptima’s commitment to introducing the U.S. commercial design and real estate market to the highest quality and most sustainable glass wall solutions available. The addition of these partners represents a crucial step towards establishing PurOptima as the go-to choice for glass wall partitioning solutions across the United States and beyond.

Since its launch in May 2023, PurOptima has steadily cultivated partnerships with key companies in various territories, including Benhar Office Interiors in the NYC Metropolitan Area, Eureka Metal & Glass Services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, Red Thread in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Northern New England, Ridgeview Glass in Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia, Clover Architectural Products in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems in California.

Kevin Mayer, PurOptima’s U.S. Country Manager, expresses enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, “As part of our U.S. expansion plans, we are thrilled to continue growing across the country and adding these six companies as our partners. Moving to the West Coast is the ideal next step for our growth, allowing us to tailor our innovative glass wall systems to meet the diverse design needs of projects in a broad slate of markets.”

These new project partners will play a pivotal role in promoting PurOptima’s latest products, including award-winning single and double-glazed partitions such as PurOptima 117 Plus, Revolution 54 Plus, and Revolution 100. The company plans to launch the Adaptable Wall, an innovative solid wall solution, along with a range of acoustic glass door systems, including the Edge, Axile, and Kinetic series, and a selection of Timber door options in 2024.

PurOptima’s expansion coincides with a significant announcement about its transition to Hydro CIRCAL, a sustainable aluminum brand made with a minimum of 75% recycled post-consumer scrap. This strategic shift significantly reduces the carbon footprint of PurOptima’s glass partitions and doors, aligning with the company’s commitment to becoming a low-emission partitions manufacturer. Kevin Mayer highlights the environmental benefits, stating, “Hydro CIRCAL aluminum, exclusively available in the U.S. in PurOptima’s glass wall partitioning systems, has an embodied carbon of just 2.3kgCo2, making it a massive benefit for clients seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.”

In addition to the environmental advantages, Hydro CIRCAL’s adoption underscores PurOptima’s dedication to circular economic principles, earning the company recognition as a leader in driving real sustainable change in the commercial interior design industry. This commitment has resulted in PurOptima winning the Metropolis 2023 Planet Positive Award in the Wall and Ceiling category.

Source: PurOptima with additional information added by Apazone

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