Protecting Our Schools: High-Impact, Low-Cost Security Films for Doors and Windows

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Protecting Our Schools: The Power of Security Window Film

In recent years, the rise in violence and threats from outside intruders has had a profound impact on schools across various U.S. states and districts. Recognizing the need for effective solutions, the International Window Film Association (IWFA), a renowned nonprofit organization, has taken a proactive approach. They have released a comprehensive brochure titled “Security Window Film and Schools: Learn the Facts” to shed light on the immense benefits of security window films.

Enhanced Safety with Security Window Film

According to Darrell Smith, the executive director of IWFA, safety and security window films should be at the forefront of considerations when it comes to safeguarding our schools. These films act as a vital deterrent, slowing down wrongful entry and providing invaluable time for school personnel and law enforcement to respond effectively.

In today’s unfortunate reality, schools have become targets for violent attackers. While employing trained personnel and adopting conventional security measures are crucial, security window film offers a high-impact, low-cost solution that cannot be overlooked. It plays a significant role in protecting our children and school staff.

Advanced Technology in Action

Security window film is a highly-engineered polyester film composite that undergoes rigorous testing and treatments to ensure its reliability and effectiveness. IWFA member Window Film manufacturers conduct extensive tests to evaluate individual performance and ensure long-lasting durability.

These films are subjected to various standards to assess their capabilities:

  1. Impact: ANSI Z97.1-2015 impact testing examines how well the film performs when applied to annealed glass.
  2. Attack: UL 972 tests evaluate the glass-film system’s resistance to manual attacks, such as forced entry.
  3. Blast: International Standard ISO 16933 and ASTM blast tests determine the glass-film system’s ability to withstand blast mitigation.

Unseen Protection for Peace of Mind

When expertly installed, security window film forms an almost invisible protective coating or membrane on the interior side of the glass surface. It is securely attached to the glass using an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive and may employ additional methods to anchor the film to the window frame itself.

The installation process is quick and efficient, often completed within a day or less. Once in place, the security window film acts as an unobtrusive safeguard, empowering schools to enhance their security measures without compromising aesthetics or visibility.

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