Promoting Glazing Careers: NGA and Member A Glasco Join Forces in Camp NAWIC

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Inspiring the Next Generation: NGA and Member A Glasco Empower Students in Construction at Camp NAWIC

At the recent Camp NAWIC event, sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) and hosted by the Associated General Contractors of America, more than 70 students had the unique opportunity to learn the art of cutting and seaming glass. This exciting initiative, spearheaded by Kristie Rehberger, General Manager of A Glasco and Founding Member and President of the California Glass Association, marked a significant milestone in promoting careers in the construction industry, especially among young girls in grades 8-12.

Empowering Students with Hands-on Experience

Andrew Haring, representing NGA, joined the event as a mentor, reinforcing the organization’s commitment to fostering interest in skilled trades among young individuals. By introducing glass into the program for the first time in 2023, the event aimed to provide valuable hands-on experience and training, exposing students to the diverse and promising career paths available in the construction industry.

Industry Experts Leading the Way

A Glasco’s dedicated team of glaziers, including volunteers Casey Weir from Rountree Glass Co. and Christy Sellers from Lemon Grove Glass & Supply, played a vital role in guiding and inspiring the students throughout the event. Their expertise and passion demonstrated the potential and opportunities within the glazing profession.

Acknowledging Generous Contributions

NGA extends its sincere gratitude to Frameless Hardware Company and Glasswerks Los Angeles for their generous donations of equipment and materials used during the event. Such collaborative support makes it possible to provide valuable hands-on training experiences to young individuals, nurturing their interest in the construction industry.

The Importance of Workforce Development

Statistics show that women comprise only 10.9 percent of the entire U.S. construction workforce as of 2022, highlighting the need for initiatives that encourage female representation in the industry. Additionally, the retirement of skilled trades professionals at a faster rate than new workers entering the field poses a significant challenge, with over 3 million skilled trade jobs projected to remain unfilled by 2028. The Glass Magazine Top Glazier Report revealed that 53 percent of respondents faced difficulties finding workers compared to the previous year, emphasizing the urgency for workforce development initiatives.

Building a Brighter Future

Andrew Haring shared his insights and a recap and video highlight of the event on his LinkedIn page, capturing the energy and enthusiasm of the students and mentors alike. The positive impact of events like Camp NAWIC resonates in inspiring the next generation and fostering a skilled and diverse workforce for the construction industry.

Resources for Training and Development

To support workforce development and provide comprehensive training resources, NGA offers valuable tools such as, an interactive online training platform, and a dedicated workforce development and registered apprentice program. Glass Magazine also features expert insights through informative articles, addressing topics related to training, workforce, and strategies for engaging the next generation.

Hands-on online training

Our workforce and onboarding toolkit

Our Registered Apprentice Program one-pager

Articles on training, workforce, and speaking to the next generation from Glass Magazine

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