Press Glass Takes the Lead with World’s First Glaston ProL Convection Upgrade Investment

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Revolutionizing Glass Production: Press Glass Invests in Glaston ProL Convection Upgrade at US Facility

Poland-based industry giant Press Glass reaffirms its commitment to excellence with a groundbreaking investment in the USA – the world’s inaugural Glaston ProL convection control upgrade at its Ridgeway, Virginia plant. Known as the premier glass fabricator in Europe and the UK, Press Glass continues its impressive growth trajectory in the USA, upholding the values that set it apart. This strategic move is a testament to Press Glass’s dedication to innovation and quality, positioning them at the forefront of the global glass manufacturing landscape.

The collaboration between Glaston and Press Glass has deep roots, with the majority of Press Glass’s tempering lines in Europe sourced from Glaston. In the USA, the Ridgeway factory houses Glaston FC Series and Jumbo Series tempering lines, with an additional line in Stoneville for smaller IG units and heavier interior glass. The ongoing expansion includes the assembly of a fourth tempering furnace, highlighting Press Glass’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

Gregg Vanier, Director of Manufacturing and Technology at Press Glass, praises Glaston as the ‘Cadillac’ of the market, citing the machinery’s longevity and capacity for higher quality production. In a groundbreaking move, Press Glass becomes the first global entity to invest in Glaston’s ProL convection upgrade for its lamination line in Ridgeway, a project successfully completed in April 2023.

Explaining the motivation behind the upgrade, Gregg highlights the evolving market demands for more complex end products. The ProL convection upgrade addresses the need for better control in processing multilayer laminates, prevalent in the US market compared to the monolayers in Europe. The innovative upgrade eliminates trapped air, enhancing adhesion and paving the way for superior quality.

The impact of the ProL convection upgrade is evident in Press Glass’s enhanced market presence and efficiency. Gregg notes, “Since commissioning, we have achieved our most efficient production period in terms of square footage per day, reaching a remarkable 98 percent on-time delivery. Remakes have significantly decreased, contributing to effective cost management.”

Beyond improved quality and efficiency, the upgraded features have streamlined the lamination process, underscoring Press Glass’s commitment to continuous improvement and staying ahead in the competitive glass manufacturing arena.

Source: Glaston with additional information added by Apazone

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