Press Glass Inc. Takes Glass Manufacturing to New Heights with World’s First Glaston ProL Convection Upgrade

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Poland-based Press Glass Elevates US Operations with Revolutionary Glaston ProL Convection Upgrade for High-Quality Glass Production

Press Glass Inc., the renowned glass fabricator that solidified its presence in the US through strategic acquisitions, is making waves with its latest technological investment. The company, known for its European expertise, has implemented the world’s first Glaston ProL convection control upgrade at its Ridgeway, Virginia plant. This move is set to revolutionize US glass production, reducing remakes and achieving an impressive 98% on-time delivery.

Established in Poland in 1991 with a single line for IG units, Press Glass has grown exponentially over the years, becoming the #1 glass fabricator in Europe and the UK. With a vision to bring European excellence to North America, Press Glass expanded its presence through the acquisition of Glass Dynamics, Inc. in 2017 and the establishment of a state-of-the-art facility in Ridgeway, Virginia. Today, with over 500 employees, Press Glass stands as a one-stop glass fabricator for architectural flat glass, catering to construction projects across the East Coast and North America.

The partnership between Press Glass and Glaston, considered the ‘Cadillac’ of the market, has been instrumental in the company’s success. Most of Press Glass’s tempering lines in Europe are from Glaston, ensuring longevity and high-quality production. The recent investment in the Glaston ProL convection upgrade at the Ridgeway plant marks another milestone in this enduring collaboration.

Gregg Vanier, Director of Manufacturing and Technology at Press Glass, attests to the significance of Glaston machinery, stating, “The price point may be higher, but Glaston machinery lasts longer and produces higher quality.”

The groundbreaking ProL convection upgrade, completed in April 2023, positions Press Glass as an industry pioneer. This upgrade addresses the market’s demand for more complex end products, providing better control for processing multilayer laminates prevalent in the US. The results are evident in increased efficiency, higher quality, and a remarkable reduction in remakes.

Vanier emphasizes, “Since commissioning, we have been able to gain traction in the market. The upgrade also led to higher quality, enabling us to reach 98% on-time delivery.”

The success of the upgrade is credited to the seamless installation process, completed in just four days by Glaston’s experts, Hamed Tabatabaei and Andres Londono. This efficiency minimized production time loss, showcasing the effectiveness of the collaboration.

Press Glass recognizes the importance of ongoing training and collaboration with industry leaders. In October 2023, Glaston organized a tempering training session, enhancing the Press Glass maintenance team’s skills and understanding of their tempering lines. This initiative has already resulted in increased capacity and decreased quench time, with further training sessions planned for the future.

Emphasizing sustainability in both recruitment and operations, Press Glass aims to create a workplace that offers challenging and satisfying work with automation and computer systems. Gregg Vanier highlights, “The glass processing industry is surprisingly clean, allowing employees to engage in mental rather than physical tasks.”

In conclusion, Press Glass is not just a glass fabricator; it’s a collaborative family where customers, suppliers, and employees work together to deliver unparalleled quality. As Gregg Vanier proudly states, “I have to say this is by far the happiest plant I have ever worked in.”

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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