Press Glass Forges Strategic Alliance with Forel, Unveiling Ambitious Production Expansion and Specialization in the United States

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Revolutionizing Glass Production: Press Glass and Forel Spearhead Unprecedented Growth and Specialization Across the Atlantic

Press Glass, an industry stalwart boasting over thirty years of experience, is embarking on a groundbreaking venture, expanding its operational footprint from Europe to the United States. This transformative move is catalyzed by a strategic collaboration with Forel, a renowned player in the glass processing technology domain. The partnership positions Press Glass as a frontrunner in the global flat glass processing market, setting new benchmarks in innovation and quality.

The initial foray into the American market dates back to 2017 when Press Glass acquired Glass Dynamics, a family-run business based in Stoneville, North Carolina. This strategic move allowed Press Glass to meet the production standards for simpler projects with limited final dimensions, focusing primarily on medium and small-sized ventures such as commercial facades and shop windows. However, the company’s vision stretched far beyond, prompting further expansion.

In 2019, Press Glass took a giant leap forward with the construction of a state-of-the-art production plant in Ridgeway, Virginia, operational since 2020. This facility marked a significant advancement, introducing more complex machinery and signaling a shift toward specialization in the production of structural glass for commercial buildings. The product portfolio expanded to encompass a diverse range, including high-quality tempered glass, laminated glass, printed glass, and insulating glass units.

The evolution didn’t stop at machinery and production capabilities. To meet the demands of an ever-evolving market and to enhance the precision, speed, and reliability of their pre-temper processing, Press Glass identified Forel as the ideal collaborator. Gregg Vanier, Director of Manufacturing and Technology at Press Glass Inc., emphasized, “Our competitive advantage lies in the exceptional quality of our products, achieved through the use of first-rate machinery and the high qualification of our operators.”

Forel, with its vertical processing machines and insulating glass lines, perfectly aligned with Press Glass’s requirements. The collaboration facilitated the installation of Forel’s NO LIMITS Insulating Glass line at the Ridgeway facility, offering unparalleled versatility in managing customer requests for various glass formats.

The importance of this collaboration extends beyond machinery. Press Glass, known for its ability to understand customer needs and provide tailor-made solutions, found in Forel a partner capable of responding with a wide and innovative product line. Forel’s presence in Minnesota ensured close monitoring of all project phases, allowing for flexible management of unforeseen events and effective goal achievement.

The introduction of Forel’s technology enabled Press Glass to specialize further in the production of structural and architectural glasses. These glasses, finding applications in commercial and design fields, underscore a commitment to energy-saving solutions. The NO LIMITS Insulating Glass line allows for the packaging of insulating glass panels with up to four glass sheets and a maximum insulating thickness of 100 mm, significantly impacting the energy efficiency of buildings.

Navigating through the challenges posed by the pandemic, the installation of machinery for Jumbo-sized sheets was successfully managed with the full support of Forel’s team. Internal staff training courses and testing phases ensured the seamless operation of the new equipment.

Looking towards the future, Gregg Vanier anticipates the next step in the market to be automation. As a testament to this vision, the Ridgeway plant is set for further expansion, reinforcing its production capacity and solidifying its position in the American market. Forel remains a key partner in this growth trajectory, offering reliability even after installation through the Forel Remote Control system.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Press Glass and Forel not only signifies a remarkable chapter in the companies’ histories but also represents a significant leap forward in reshaping the glass production landscape in the United States. With a focus on innovation, specialization, and a commitment to customer needs, this alliance is poised to leave an indelible mark on the commercial and design sectors.

Source: Forel with additional information added by Apazone

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