Press Glass Delivers Façade Excellence for The Wave at the University of Sheffield

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Discover the architectural marvel of The Wave, a cutting-edge facility on the University of Sheffield campus

Nestled at the heart of the University of Sheffield campus, The Wave stands as a testament to modern architectural brilliance. Specifically crafted for the Faculty of Social Sciences, this state-of-the-art structure spans nearly 17,000 m² and boasts a design that seamlessly blends scientific innovation with sustainable architecture. The prestigious BREEAM Outstanding certificate is a testament to The Wave’s commitment to excellence.

Designed by HLM Architects in close collaboration with the University of Sheffield authorities, The Wave serves as a hub for five faculties: Sociological Studies, Journalism, the School of Education, the Institute of Methods, and the Sheffield School of Information. The building houses lecture theatres, conference rooms, exhibition spaces, and even a radio and television studio, providing a versatile environment for education, research, and social activities.

What sets The Wave apart is its careful design, focusing on internal conditions while presenting a visually striking and rhythmic exterior. The façade, characterized by slender rounded corners, promotes a sense of lightness, while large-format glass ensures thermal and acoustic comfort. The building’s two entrances lead to a central atrium illuminated by a mosaic glass roof, creating a vibrant and naturally lit space.

Façade contractor Charles Henshaw & Sons Ltd. collaborated with Press Glass to overcome complex challenges in the project. Press Glass supplied more than 5,000 m² of façade glass, including laminated glass with Digital Print technology, acoustic glass units, and glass with SunGuard coatings for enhanced solar control and thermal insulation. The engineering team at Press Glass navigated the intricacies of producing glazed units with heights exceeding 3,800 mm, contributing to the overall success of The Wave.

In recognition of its design excellence, The Wave received the South Yorkshire Property Award in July 2023. The achievement highlights the successful collaboration between architectural vision, construction expertise, and the innovative contributions of Press Glass.

Source: Press Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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