President Von der Leyen Sheds Light on the Flat Glass Industry’s Future

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Empowering Progress: EU Green Deal Summit Highlights Flat Glass Industry’s Role

In a momentous address at the EU Green Deal Summit on September 26, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen underscored the paramount importance of the flat glass industry in realizing a climate-neutral Europe. The President specifically praised the glass production sector of Czechia, acknowledging it as a national pride and an invaluable industrial asset for Europe.

Driving Innovation: The Volta Project

President Von der Leyen highlighted the Volta project, an innovative endeavor aimed at revolutionizing glass production. Through this initiative, existing flat-glass furnaces are being electrified, resulting in a remarkable reduction of emissions by over 75%. This strategic investment aligns with the EU’s commitment to cleaner glass production, ensuring the European flat-glass industry remains competitive in the evolving landscape of the clean economy.

Glass for Europe’s Endeavors

The commendation of the flat glass industry’s efforts and the EU’s support for the Volta project signify a positive trajectory. However, achieving a competitive European flat glass industry in a climate-neutral Europe demands continuous EU initiatives and supportive policies. Glass for Europe, steadfast in its commitment, will focus on key areas such as the availability of clean energy sources, development of recycling infrastructures, and building renovations. These facets are crucial elements that Glass for Europe will advocate for, in line with the vision of ‘Flat glass in a climate-neutral economy by 2050.’

A Grateful Acknowledgment

Glass for Europe extends its heartfelt gratitude to President Von der Leyen for her encouraging words. These sentiments affirm the relevance and significance of Europe’s flat glass industry as the continent progresses towards a climate-neutral economy. The industry’s pivotal role continues to shape the future of a sustainable Europe, driving progress and innovation on a global scale.

Source: Glass for Europe with additional information added by Apazone

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