Prefix Systems Predicts 2024 as the Pivotal Year for Warm Roofs

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Warm Roofs Set to Take Center Stage: Prefix Systems Foresees a Surge in 100% Warm Roof Installations in 2024

As we step into 2024, Prefix Systems, a leading name in roofing solutions, anticipates a significant shift towards warm roof designs, marking a departure from the prevalent cold roof structures. Recognizing escalating concerns, especially condensation issues, associated with ‘cold roofs,’ Prefix Systems asserts that the coming year will witness a noteworthy transition as conscientious installation companies opt for solid roof solutions that are inherently 100% warm by design.

Prefix Systems, in their proactive role, has been witnessing a surge in site visits during 2023 to assess failed timber cold roofs plagued by condensation issues. In response, the company has replaced these roofs with their acclaimed WARMroof, offering a robust and enduring solution. Even with diligent efforts to mitigate the problem through limited ventilation, the prevalence of dew points affecting the UK for approximately nine months a year underscores the genuine threat of condensation for cold roof structures.

Amidst the frequent replacement of conservatory roofs, some companies are adopting solutions that fall short of providing a lasting resolution. A ‘warm roof,’ in essence, positions insulation above the rafters, distinguishing it from the ‘cold roof’ design where insulation sits merely in between. Chris Cooke, Director of Prefix Systems, emphasizes the critical distinction, stating, “Ask your current solid roof supplier if their insulation sits above the rafters. If it’s a no, then it is NOT a warm roof—it’s a cold roof. Furthermore, you’re at risk by installing such products in terms of remedials and, importantly, the risk of losing out on future referral sales.”

Continuing on this theme, Chris emphasizes the industry’s need to align with warm roof designs, highlighting its preference across the construction sector for ensuring longevity and performance. He notes, “Warm roof design is the preferred method for roof composition across the construction sector and with good reason. It ensures roofs perform not just in terms of years, but for decades, and it’s the same philosophy for Prefix. Our award-winning WARMroof solution is part of a permanent solution to the home, much in the same way that a Building Inspector would prefer to see a warm roof constructed extension, and it’s a must that we should as an industry think in the same way.”

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