Powering the Future: Satinal’s €40 Million Investment in Solar PV EVA Films in Italy

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Satinal Spa Unveils EUR 40 Million Investment Plan for Solar Panel Encapsulants

Satinal Spa announces an ambitious EUR 40 million investment plan, set to establish a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Apulia Region, Italy. The strategic Italian solar valley will house the production line dedicated to STRATO® SOLAR, a new division of Satinal Group, focusing on EVA, POE, and TPO solar encapsulants for solar panels.

A Vision for Growth: Pioneering Solar Encapsulants

The forward-looking plan consists of a 4-year business growth strategy, comprising two stages, aiming to extend the production site of STRATO® SOLAR up to 20,000 sqm by 2027. Once fully operational, the facility will boast an impressive annual production capacity of 10 GW, equivalent to 100 million square meters of EVA films. This groundbreaking project also anticipates the creation of up to 100 jobs.

Striving for Sustainability: Carbon Free EVA Encapsulant

In 2023, Satinal’s Erba Headquarters witnessed the launch of the first Carbon Free and ISCC+ certified EVA encapsulant. Starting from 2024, three production lines dedicated to STRATO® SOLAR PV Encapsulants will operate with an annual production capacity of 2 GW. These eco-friendly efforts reflect Satinal’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

A Leading Hub for Solar Encapsulants

STRATO® SOLAR stands as a leading European production hub for EVA, POE, and TPO encapsulating films for the photovoltaic industry. With a focus on quality and sustainability, the company’s 100% Italian production excels, offering superior alternatives in the market.

A Green Challenge Embraced

Satinal’s new project not only showcases innovation but also embraces green solutions, circularity, and reduced environmental impact. Their STRATO® product range achieves an impressive environmental score of 1.13 [kg CO2 eq], outshining potential competitors at 4.5 [kg CO2 eq]. This sustainable roadmap contributes to zero-carbon aspirations in 2050.

A Pioneer in EVA Interlayers

Satinal SpA leads the way as Italy’s first EVA film production site, earning its reputation as a European reference point for 100% made in Italy STRATO® EVA interlayers. Quality controls at the company’s R&D Lab ensure top-tier and environmentally conscious products for a discerning clientele seeking sustainability and excellence.

Source: Satinal Spa with additional information added by Apazone

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