Powering the Future: Carlton Joins Forces with Superglass in Scotland

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Bold Steps Toward Sustainability: Superglass and Carlton Power Join Forces for Stirling Green Hydrogen Hub

In a landmark partnership, Superglass, a leading UK manufacturer of glass mineral wool insulation, has teamed up with Carlton Power to pave the way for a greener future. The strategic alliance aims to provide green hydrogen to Superglass’ manufacturing facility in Stirling, Scotland, while advancing Carlton Power’s groundbreaking Stirling Green Hydrogen scheme. This collaboration marks a significant step towards reducing Superglass’ dependence on natural gas and embracing sustainable energy solutions.

Carlton Power’s Stirling Green Hydrogen Scheme

Carlton Power’s Stirling Green Hydrogen scheme is set to make waves in Scotland as the company’s maiden hydrogen project in the region. With ambitious plans aligned to the UK Government’s Hydrogen Business Model/Net Zero Hydrogen Fund, this eco-forward initiative aims to secure financial support for its development. As a key player in the UK’s hydrogen economy, Carlton Power is committed to promoting growth in Scotland and the wider UK.

Revolutionizing Hydrogen Production

With a surge in hydrogen demand anticipated in the area, Carlton Power is well-prepared for the challenge. The project will harness electrolysis, powered by renewable energy sources like wind and solar, to produce the hydrogen. This eco-friendly approach ensures that Superglass’ operations benefit from a sustainable and low-carbon hydrogen supply.

Shared Vision for Sustainability

Eric Adams, Hydrogen Projects Director at Carlton Power, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the positive impact on Superglass’ sustainability goals and Scotland’s decarbonization strategy. Theresa McLean, Chief Executive of Superglass, echoed this sentiment, recognizing the opportunity to transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen and significantly reduce carbon emissions. Emphasizing Superglass’ commitment to energy efficiency, McLean underlined that the Stirling Green Hydrogen scheme represents a milestone not only for the company but also for the community it serves.

As Superglass and Carlton Power join forces to drive sustainability forward, their shared vision for a greener future takes shape in the form of the Stirling Green Hydrogen hub. With renewable energy at its core, this transformative initiative sets a shining example for the industry, reinforcing the commitment to environmental responsibility and carbon reduction. Together, they demonstrate that bold steps can lead to a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow for Scotland and beyond.

Source: Superglass with additional information added by Apazone

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