Powerful Partnership: LiSEC Harnesses Franke’s Linear Guides for Unmatched Machine Performance!

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Pioneering Partnership: LiSEC Enhances Machine Performance with Franke’s Resilient Linear Guides!

LiSEC Austria GmbH, a trailblazer in flat glass processing, has unlocked the secret to optimizing their highly skilled machines – leveraging Franke’s cutting-edge linear guides. These meticulously crafted guides, featuring sealed rollers and corrosion-resistant components, withstand the harshest operational conditions, making them the perfect solution for LiSEC’s dynamic requirements.

Reliable Solutions for a Cutting-Edge Industry

LiSEC’s unrivaled machines, software, and complete system solutions empower the production of insulated glass and cater to the burgeoning photovoltaic market. Since 2017, LiSEC has been integrating Franke linear solutions in their machines, as well as Schraml machines – a valued addition to the LiSEC Group since 2016.

The Key to Reliability: Franke Linear Guides

Moritz Geyrhofer, the Lead Buyer at LiSEC, emphasizes the significance of supplier product availability as a crucial challenge. With Franke’s unwavering reliability, LiSEC has found a trusted partner for their machine components.

Unleashing the Potential: Critical Functions of Franke Linear Guides

Franke’s corrosion-resistant FDC-35 aluminium linear guides, designed with stainless steel raceways, play pivotal roles in LiSEC’s machines. From edge processing and finishing to guiding grinding or milling tools, these guides precisely position the processed glass sheets, ensuring seamless operations.

Zero Tolerance for Downtime

With the manufacturing line’s productivity at stake, LiSEC understands the gravity of avoiding any standstills. Geyrhofer reaffirms their commitment to uninterrupted operations, recognizing that any downtime translates to substantial losses.

A Winning Collaboration

LiSEC’s partnership with Franke epitomizes their quest for excellence in the flat glass industry. Witness the extraordinary performance of LiSEC’s machines, fueled by Franke’s resilient linear guides, as they pioneer advancements in glass processing.

Source: LiSEC Austria GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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