POLFLAM Breaks Ground with World’s First Low-Carbon Fire-Resistant Glass

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Discover POLFLAM’s Revolutionary Low-Carbon Solution for Fire-Resistant Glass

In a world increasingly focused on environmental responsibility, POLFLAM, a leading fire-resistant glass producer, has unveiled a groundbreaking advancement – the world’s first POLFLAM GAIA low-carbon fire-resistant glass. Teaming up with PILKINGTON, part of the NSG Group, this collaboration introduces a low-carbon alternative for conventional fire-resistant glass. By merging POLFLAM’s hydrogel interlayer technology with Pilkington Mirai™ low-carbon float glass, boasting 50% less embodied carbon than standard float glass, the result is low-carbon fire-resistant glass with up to 65% less embodied carbon than regular counterparts. This innovation aligns seamlessly with green building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, or DGNB, positioning our product as a leader in environmentally friendly construction.

The key to POLFLAM’s pioneering position lies in our proprietary fire-resistant glass production technology. Our glass comprises two thermally toughened safety glass panes with a colorless hydrogel interlayer, adhering to our exclusive formula. What sets us apart is our ability to achieve higher fire-rated classes by increasing the thickness of the hydrogel interlayer without adding extra glass panes, unlike standard multi-layer fire-resistant glass products. This approach ensures superior properties, including the highest light transmittance and lowest weight for fire-rated classes from EI60 and above, with up to 35% lower embodied carbon. Coupled with Pilkington Mirai™ low-carbon float glass, this sets a new standard for reducing the CO2e footprint of fire-resistant glass.

Having successfully completed the pilot run for the production and testing of the first low-carbon fire-resistant glass panes, we are expanding our product range, including Insulated Glass Units. Concurrently, a third-party institute is preparing our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for this groundbreaking product, confirming its status as the lowest carbon footprint option on the market. Anticipate the release of the new EPD for POLFLAM low-carbon fire-resistant glass by the end of Q1 2024. This revolutionary product, available for EI15 up to EI180 fire-resistant classes, assures top-notch performance, quality, and aesthetic appeal. Join on this transformative journey as we redefine the future of the glass industry.

Source: POLFLAM with additional information added by Apazone

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