Pilkington USA Unveils Rossford, OH Facility: A Monument by Glass Pioneer Edward Ford

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Rossford, OH: Celebrating 125 Years of Legacy, Community, and Glass Excellence

Steeped in a rich history that dates back to 1898, when visionary Edward Ford laid the foundation for a glass-centric “company town,” Rossford, Ohio, USA, has stood as a beacon of community and progress. Over the years, it has evolved and thrived, transitioning from Libbey-Owens-Ford to the present-day identity of Pilkington and NSG Group.

A Grand Celebration

In the grand tapestry of Rossford’s story, the year 2023 marks a remarkable milestone—the celebration of its 125th Anniversary. As an integral part of the community fabric, NSG Group took immense pride in stepping forward as a sponsor for this historic occasion. The festivities were nothing short of extraordinary, merging live music, art, gastronomy, engaging kids’ events, captivating fireworks, and heartwarming hospitality.

A Journey Within Glassmaking

The narrative of celebration reached its zenith on a memorable afternoon, Friday, July 28, with an exclusive opportunity to tour the Pilkington Rossford plant. Participants embarked on an enthralling journey behind the scenes, experiencing the inner workings of this expansive facility. The gratitude was palpable, as attendees marveled at the intricate processes that shape the glassmaking industry.

A Gala of Grand Beginnings

The celebrations extended well into the evening, as the Rossford High School became a stage for the official grand opening. The community gathered to honor the cherished legacy of Rossford, reflecting on the years that have shaped its essence.

A Parade of Memories

Saturday’s events were a symphony of festivities, resonating with the spirit of Rossford. The morning witnessed the vibrant 125th Anniversary Parade, a dynamic tribute to the town’s past, present, and future. As the sun set, the day reached a crescendo with the 125th Anniversary Riverfest Celebration—a fitting finale that embraced the town’s enduring spirit.

A Grateful Reflection

David Imbrogno, the esteemed Rossford Plant Manager, encapsulated the sentiment of gratitude that permeated the celebrations. “Being part of 125 years of Rossford history is humbling. Our retirees embody a legacy of pride and passion, underscoring the incredible journey that has brought us to this point. We are humbled to be part of such an amazing history.”

The journey continues, as Rossford, Ohio, basks in its illustrious past, embraces its vibrant present, and sets the stage for a future that gleams with possibilities.

Source:  Pilkington with additional information added by Apazone

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