PGT Innovations Unveils Triple Diamond Glass™: A Revolutionary Venture into Innovative Glass Solutions

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PGT Innovations Breaks Ground with Triple Diamond Glass™: An Expansion into Energy-Efficient and Secure Glass Solutions

In a significant stride towards strategic growth, PGT Innovations proudly introduces Triple Diamond Glass™, a pioneering addition to its portfolio. This marks a momentous milestone in the company’s journey, with the establishment of a cutting-edge glass company, customer base, and facility in Prince George, Virginia. This venture aligns with PGT Innovations’ mission to enhance people’s lives by providing solutions that redefine standards in energy efficiency, security, and sound abatement applications for window and door manufacturers.

Triple Diamond Glass™ will lead the charge with its innovative offerings, including the production of Tri-Ultra™ thin triple insulated glass units (IGUs) and Diamond Glass™ laminated glass units. Strategically located in a state-of-the-art facility in Prince George, Virginia, just south of Richmond, the operations are poised to elevate industry standards.

Jeff Jackson, President and CEO of PGT Innovations, emphasized the significance of Triple Diamond Glass™, stating, “This addition to our PGT Innovations family, along with its new customer segment and manufacturing facility, perfectly supports our mission to provide solutions that enhance people’s lives.”

Governor Glenn Youngkin also acknowledged the impact of this venture, stating, “Today’s announcement is a gamechanger that will put more than 650 Virginians back to work, return the shuttered Rolls-Royce facility to productive use, and expand PGT Innovations’ footprint and brand into Virginia.”

Triple Diamond Glass™ aims to address the evolving needs of homeowners in North and North Central climate zones. The initial focus will be on producing Tri-Ultra thin triple IGUs, compliant with new energy efficiency values and Diamond Glass, offering passive protection for security, noise reduction, and improved operation.

What sets Triple Diamond Glass™ apart is its status as the first and only U.S. manufacturer to offer easy, off-the-shelf, drop-in solutions with ultra-thin glass packages suitable for current double-pane frame depths. The company’s products will be available for integration by window and door manufacturers by the end of the first quarter of 2024.

The 291,000-square-foot Triple Diamond Glass™ facility was strategically chosen for its proximity to the I-95 corridor, facilitating efficient transportation, and its close alignment with window and door manufacturers in northern climate zones. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the facility ensures operational efficiency and maintains the highest quality standards.

Bob Keller, Senior Vice President of Product Technology and Innovation for PGT Innovations, expressed excitement about the possibilities the new facility offers. “The state-of-the-art equipment that will be used in the plant will ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards and the ability to continue to serve our customers as our operations grow.”

Triple Diamond Glass™ signifies a pivotal moment in the history of PGT Innovations, reinforcing its commitment to creating brighter, more secure living spaces for both homeowners and manufacturers.

Source: PGT Innovations with additional information added by Apazone

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