OmniDecor Showcases Innovative and Eco-Friendly Solutions at Maison&Objet Paris 2024

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Explore OmniDecor’s Cutting-Edge Designs and Commitment to Sustainability at Maison&Objet Paris 2024

OmniDecor, a trailblazer in the realm of glass design, reinforces its dedication to pioneering and eco-conscious solutions with its participation in Maison&Objet Paris 2024. Aligning with this season’s theme, TECH EDEN, chosen by Maison&Objet to commemorate its 30th anniversary, OmniDecor unveils a spectrum of solutions that seamlessly integrate innovation into its core business philosophy.

Set against the backdrop of TECH EDEN, Maison&Objet Paris 2024 serves as a platform for OmniDecor to showcase its state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly designs. The brand’s long-standing commitment to research and experimentation in architectural and design projects, both residential and in the contract industry, is a testament to its responsible and eco-conscious approach.

From January 18th to 22nd, 2024, OmniDecor invites attendees to explore its offerings at booth (Hall 7, D177), meticulously curated by set designer Lidia Covello. The display features a selection of products from OmniDecor’s Design collection, illustrating the evolution of glass technology and aesthetics. These solutions cater to the diverse needs of architects, designers, and end customers.

Pebbles, a collection of mirrors, candlesticks, and coffee tables designed by Kiki & Joost for OmniDecor, stands out as a pinnacle of glass design. Serving as an international benchmark in the market of satin finish, decorated, and colored glass for contemporary architecture, OmniDecor leverages the creativity of the Dutch couple to create distinctive glass design objects.

The new products introduced for the latest year further highlight the functionality and elegance of glass. Yūrei vases, designed by Lidia Covello and Alberto Gaiotto, seamlessly integrate into the transparent set alongside Bōru, new screens designed by Lidia Covello. The pairing of glass and light metal in Yūrei showcases OmniDecor’s innovative use of glass in interior furnishings. Meanwhile, the Bōru screens, featuring different panes of glass (DecorOpal, Bondi, Riga, and Specchio), underscore the architectural and functional versatility of glass.

Japan’s influence permeates the collection, offering a counterpoint of abstract art through the geometric shapes of various DecorOpal shades, skillfully integrated by Lidia Covello. These elements create five micro-installations, emphasizing the artistic potential of glass as a collectible design element.

Source: OmniDecor with additional information added by Apazone

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