O-I Glass Unveils ‘Cento Per Cento Sicilia’ Bottle Collection

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O-I Glass Launches “Cento Per Cento Sicilia” Bottles: A Sustainable Path in Marsala’s Wine Production

Marsala, Italy – O-I Glass proudly announces the official launch of its “Cento per Cento Sicilia” bottles, marking a significant step towards a low-waste circular economy in the historic wine production region of Marsala.

A Sustainable Vision

The “Cento per Cento Sicilia” project, initially unveiled by O-I Glass in 2021, embodies a visionary strategy aimed at revitalizing the Sicilian wine market. It brings forth glass containers, particularly bottles, crafted through a sustainable and locally sourced production process. In a continuously expanding wine production industry, with over 7,000 winemakers and 500 bottlers operating annually, the Sicilian territory alone produced over 86.5 million bottles in 2022.

Sustainability in Every Bottle

These unique bottles feature a custom bottom logo symbolizing the concept of a circular economy. Manufactured entirely at O-I’s Marsala plant in Sicily, Italy, they consist of a minimum of 90 percent recycled glass sourced exclusively from Sicily. Furthermore, their lightweight design, weighing just 410g, contributes to energy-efficient production.

Citizen Engagement Matters

Integral to the project is active citizen participation in waste and glass sorting, facilitated by SARCO, which meticulously processes and cleans glass to supply the O-I Marsala plant—the only glasswork on the island. Here, the glass is transformed into the “Cento per Cento Sicilia” bottles. The project also strives to raise awareness among citizens and cities about responsible glass recycling, encouraging mindful glass consumption.

Local Partnerships for Minimal Impact

In collaboration with Fondazione SOStain Sicilia, the bottles are seamlessly delivered to local wine producers, minimizing their environmental footprint and fostering sustainability within the region.

O-I Glass’s “Cento per Cento Sicilia” bottles exemplify a commitment to sustainable practices, local partnerships, and a circular economy, making them a symbol of responsible wine packaging.

Source: O-I Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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