O-I Glass Announces Record €95 Million Investment to Boost Sustainability and Productivity in French Glass Plants

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O-I Glass, a global leader in glass packaging, commits to a groundbreaking €95 million investment for the enhancement of sustainability, flexibility, and productivity at its Gironcourt-sur-Vraine and Reims glass packaging production facilities in France.

O-I Glass, a prominent player in the glass packaging industry, is set to embark on a transformative journey with a record €95 million investment in two of its esteemed French glass production plants. The strategic investments, targeted at the Gironcourt-sur-Vraine and Reims facilities, aim to elevate sustainability, flexibility, and productivity. In Gironcourt, where the plant recently celebrated its 120th anniversary, a substantial €55 million will be allocated for a collaborative project with a key customer. The investment focuses on the reconstruction of a furnace, integrating the cutting-edge GOAT technology (Gas Oxy Advanced Technology). This technology, previously successful at O-I’s Vayres plant in France, utilizes a gas and oxygen mix for furnace heating. Alongside a new heat recovery system to pre-heat raw materials and recycled glass, the installation is anticipated to slash CO2 emissions by up to 18%. The upgrade also includes the modernization of a production line to enhance flexibility and capacity. In Reims, O-I completed a €40 million investment, encompassing the full renovation of a furnace, a production line, and the installation of state-of-the-art equipment, resulting in a 5% overall energy reduction. Walter Ferrer, Managing Director of O-I Glass for Southwest Europe, emphasizes the alignment of these investments with O-I’s global commitment to sustainable development, energy efficiency, resilient supply chains, and improved working conditions. The investments underscore confidence in French facilities and a steadfast commitment to serving customers, teams, and the planet.

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