O-I Glass and FX Matt Beverage Company Join Forces in Exciting Partnership

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O-I Glass and FX Matt Beverage Company Unite in Groundbreaking Partnership

O-I Glass and FX Matt Beverage Company have forged an exciting new partnership, aimed at revolutionizing the beverage industry through glass packaging innovation. This collaboration not only introduces the cutting-edge Drinktainer® to the market but also expedites its availability for brands seeking to make an impact.

Unleashing Industry Expertise

As industry leaders in the beverage sector, O-I and FX Matt bring a wealth of insight and expertise to address the challenges faced in developing impactful products within a competitive landscape. Through their co-packing partnership, brands are empowered to embrace the innovative potential of Drinktainer® via a streamlined co-packing process.

Elevating the Drinking Experience

At the heart of Drinktainer® lies its exceptional design, featuring a wide-mouth opening that offers an unparalleled drinking experience akin to sipping from a traditional glass. Recent market research revealed that 61 percent of consumers found Drinktainer® to be reminiscent of enjoying a beverage from glassware, appreciating its premium appeal and overall consumption experience. With its 42-millimeter RipCap®, Drinktainer® adds a delightful opening ritual suitable for a variety of carbonated beverages, punctuating every sip with a satisfying pop of freshness. This distinctive offering allows brands to stand out on store shelves amidst a sea of commoditized packaging options.

A Shared Commitment to Innovation

Fred Matt, President & CEO of FX Matt Beverage Company, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “In our 135-year history, we have thrived by going to market with new and innovative beverages and packages that delight our customers and consumers. We look forward to partnering with O-I to establish Drinktainer® as a premium ‘must-have’ beverage container.”

Discover the Future of Beverage Consumption

To explore the remarkable solution that Drinktainer® presents for beverage consumption, visit https://glass-catalog.com/na-en/innovations/drinktainer. Witness firsthand how Drinktainer® redefines the boundaries of beverage packaging, delivering an exceptional drinking experience and transforming the way consumers enjoy their favorite beverages.

Source: O-I Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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