NorthGlass Unveils Cutting-Edge Glass Technologies at China Glass Exhibition

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NorthGlass Showcased Cutting-Edge Glass Technologies at China Glass 2023

The 32nd China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition (China Glass 2023) commenced on May 6, 2023, with NorthGlass taking the spotlight. The company’s expansive booth attracted a multitude of visitors eager to explore NorthGlass’s latest technological advancements in deep processing glass and building wall materials. The event proved to be an extraordinary showcase of innovation, providing an unparalleled experience for attendees from around the globe.

Innovative Solutions and Business Success

NorthGlass’s booth garnered significant attention, with over 2,000 customers visiting in the first two days and multiple orders being finalized. The sales and customer service representatives engaged in in-depth technical exchanges and business negotiations with customers worldwide. Through effective communication and technical demonstrations, they provided practical solutions tailored to customers’ specific production needs and business requirements. Visitors had the opportunity to witness firsthand the intelligence, informatization, and digitization embedded within NorthGlass’s professional equipment.

Introducing the 4th Generation Advanced Series (A-Series) Tempering Furnace

As part of the exhibition, NorthGlass unveiled its revolutionary 4th generation advanced series (A-series) tempering furnace. This cutting-edge furnace boasts a professional temperature control system and a global adaptive overpower heating function. By automatically adjusting the power limit based on glass placement, it achieves on-demand superheating, thereby enhancing transformer efficiency. With its new temperature control partition and optimized convective system structure, the furnace delivers exceptional stability and superior finished products.

Elevating Glass Automation with NorthGlass Technology

Shanghai North Glass Automation Technology Co., Ltd. showcased its groundbreaking glass automation connection, integrating NorthGlass’s new ERP and MES software system. This comprehensive solution offers a seamless one-stop service experience covering research and development, sales, production, engineering, after-sales, and cloud data management. The system encompasses a range of advanced equipment, including storage scheduling systems, cutting machines, automatic chip breaking machines, vertical chipping, vertical cleaning, and vertical edger factory automatic information platforms.

Revolutionizing Coating Production with Advanced Technologies

NorthGlass’s independently designed and developed coating production line incorporates multiple advanced technologies, enabling the processing of ultra-large glass panels up to a maximum size of 3.3×24 meters. Its modular design ensures exceptional flexibility, while continuous collaboration with designers has resulted in an extensive collection of special film systems, including high-end double silver and triple silver glass products.

Enhanced Efficiency and Safety with Triturbo Fan Technology

Luoyang NorthGlass Triturbo Fan Co., Ltd. has introduced aerospace-inspired three-dimensional flow techniques into the fan industry, revolutionizing various industrial scenarios. This innovative approach significantly improves fan efficiency, enhances operational safety, and guarantees reliability. The Triturbo Fan meets the national first-level energy efficiency standard, offering a 5-8% efficiency increase compared to traditional dual-flow fans, accompanied by a noise reduction of 3-5 dB (A).

Elevating Architectural Excellence with Unique Offerings

In addition to the showcased innovations, NorthGlass also presented R450 semi-round tempered sandwich colored glazed glass, S-shaped curved tempered insulating glass, and light-stone unit walls. Notably, NorthGlass’s light-stone unit walls combine luxurious aesthetics with exceptional cost-effectiveness, addressing the industrialization challenges of building exterior walls while adding a captivating touch as the ideal companion to glass.

These achievements showcased by NorthGlass at the China Glass 2023 exhibition demonstrate the company’s commitment to delivering high market value to its customers. The exhibition will continue until May 9th, with NorthGlass’s dedicated team eagerly awaiting your visit at booth N3-056. Experience customized services tailored to your needs and embark on a remarkable journey of innovation with NorthGlass.

Source: NorthGlass with additional information added by Apazone

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