NorthGlass Shines at the 718 Shanghai Curtain Wall Shared Design Festival

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NorthGlass Shines at the 718 Shanghai Curtain Wall Shared Design Festival

NorthGlass, a leader in the flat glass processing industry, actively participated in the prestigious “718 Shanghai Curtain Wall Shared Design Festival” for the third consecutive year. The event, hosted by Shanghai Creative Society and co-organized by NorthGlass, gathered elites in the curtain wall industry to showcase and exchange cutting-edge technologies and designs.

Advancing Towards a Greener and Smarter Future

At the festival, NorthGlass highlighted its commitment to progress in digitization, intelligence, low-carbon, and zero-carbon solutions. The company co-hosted conferences to share practical experiences and foster a collaborative approach to building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly curtain wall industry.

Recognizing Excellence and Innovation

During the festival, NorthGlass was honored with the prestigious “Shanghai Curtain Wall Shared Design Innovation Award” for its contributions to the industry. The event brought together professionals, experts, and representatives to explore new materials, technologies, and programs shaping the future of architectural curtain walls.

Showcasing Innovation in Glass Technology

NorthGlass showcased its latest innovations, including non-column corner glass and the groundbreaking NorthGlass Light-Stone, a revolutionary exterior wall material. These advancements exemplify NorthGlass’ dedication to continuous innovation and craftsmanship over its remarkable 30-year journey in the industry.

A Vision for a Better City

Through technological excellence, quality leadership, and a commitment to sustainability, NorthGlass remains at the forefront of shaping iconic buildings both at home and abroad. As the curtain wall industry advances towards high-quality development, NorthGlass continues to pioneer new products, technologies, and processes to create a more beautiful, safer, and eco-friendly urban landscape.

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Source: NorthGlass  with additional information added by Apazone

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