NGA and FGIA Collaborate to Release Cutting-Edge Glass Technical Resource

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NGA and FGIA Unveil Groundbreaking Technical Resource on Glass Compatibility Testing

Experience a paradigm shift in the glass and glazing industry as the National Glass Association (NGA) and the Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) join forces to present a groundbreaking technical resource. Introducing the comprehensive and highly anticipated “Compatibility Testing of Insulating Glass PIB Primary Sealant with Respect to Glazing Materials,” this four-page document sets a new standard for assessing glass compatibility and heralds a new era of excellence in the field.

Addressing the Need for Industry Standards

In an industry where assumptions about standardized product testing can often lead to inconsistencies and uncertainties, the NGA and FGIA have taken a momentous step forward. With the joint publication of this technical resource, they have endeavored to fill the void and establish a systematic approach to compatibility testing. By providing invaluable guidance and promoting best practices, this resource ensures professionals have access to the latest advancements in glass testing methodologies.

Years of Research and Collaboration

The development of this technical resource represents a significant milestone that was not achieved overnight. It is the culmination of eight years of unwavering dedication, persistent research, and extensive collaboration. Industry leaders, experts, and manufacturers, including David Cooper (Vacuum Glass LLC) and Robert Carlson (Tristar Glass), who served as co-chairs of the task group, have come together to channel their collective expertise and knowledge into this meticulously crafted document.

Unleashing the Power of Compatibility Testing

At the heart of this groundbreaking resource lies the comprehensive exploration of compatibility testing of glazing components with Polyisobutylene (PIB) primary sealant in an insulating glass unit. By outlining the recommended ift Rosenheim test method, this resource provides professionals with a robust framework to assess compatibility accurately. It delves into the effects of incompatible glazing materials and addresses other crucial factors that may impact the performance and longevity of glass installations.

The task group members who contributed their invaluable insights and expertise to the development of this resource include Steve Altum (Dow), Matt Bergers (Viracon), Michael Dimitriou (Exponent), Kevin Dunn (Momentive), Robert Grommesh (Cardinal), Jeff Haberer (Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions), Bill Lingnell (Lingnell Consulting), Phil Magill (RASCP), John Mayfield (Tremco), Ray Mohun (Allana Buick & Bers), Helen Sanders (Technoform), Gordon Smith (Gordon H. Smith Corp.), Francesco Spagna (Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger), Michael Speicher (H.B. Fuller), Vince Warne (Quanex Building Products), Brian White (H.B. Fuller), Rick Wright (Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope), and Hanin Issa (Fenzi North America).

A Comprehensive Approach to Compatibility Testing

This technical resource takes a holistic approach to compatibility testing, going beyond the surface to offer a deeper understanding of the subject matter. It expands on the validation of the ift Rosenheim test method and provides additional guidelines to address various aspects of compatibility testing. Professionals will gain insights into both direct and indirect material contact scenarios, along with a comprehensive examination of the effects of migrating components. With this wealth of information, they can make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and ensure the success of their glass projects.

A Collective Effort Paving the Way for Innovation

The NGA and FGIA extend their heartfelt appreciation to the esteemed task group members who played a pivotal role in the development of this groundbreaking resource. These dedicated individuals represent a diverse range of expertise and perspectives within the industry. Their unwavering commitment, extensive knowledge, and countless hours of collaborative effort have resulted in a technical resource that not only meets the industry’s needs but also propels innovation forward.

Download the Resource Today and Lead the Way

To empower professionals in the glass and glazing industry, the “Compatibility Testing of Insulating Glass PIB Primary Sealant with Respect to Glazing Materials” resource is available for free download from the NGA Store. By staying ahead of the curve and enhancing their understanding of compatibility testing, professionals can unlock new possibilities, drive innovation, and ensure the highest standards of quality and performance in their glass projects. Embrace this transformative resource and shape the future of the industry with confidence.

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