Navigating the Future: A Reflection on GlassBuild 2023 and Adapting to the Technology Landscape in 2024

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A+W: Reassessing 2023 – Insights from GlassBuild and Strategies for Thriving in the Evolving Tech Environment

In the wake of GlassBuild 2023, a period of reflection, reassessment, and anticipation envelops us. As we ponder the interactions with customers and prospects during this pivotal event and consider the broader landscape of 2023, the challenge arises: How can we address diverse needs, deliver concise messages, and remain innovative in the face of ever-evolving concerns and expectations? In reviewing the conversations throughout the year, certain recurring themes emerge, highlighting the industry’s inconsistent technology adoption, a reluctance to embrace new tech, and an apprehension towards software utilization. These themes, persistent since 2018, reflect a broader hesitation to adapt to a changing landscape. This article explores strategies to overcome these challenges, offering insights into marketing approaches, customer testimonials, and effective communication to navigate the technology-driven future.

Source: A+W Software NA with additional information added by Apazone

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