MI Windows Boosts Operational Excellence with Investment in Automated IGU QC Technology from Sparklike

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MI Windows, a prominent window and door manufacturer in the U.S., elevates its operational efficiency by adopting Sparklike Laser Integrated, an automated insulating glass unit (IGU) quality control (QC) technology.

MI Windows, a key player in the U.S. window and door manufacturing sector, takes a significant leap towards operational excellence with the adoption of Sparklike Laser Integrated—an advanced automated insulating glass unit (IGU) quality control (QC) technology. In collaboration with IG line manufacturer Glaston, MI Windows reinforces its commitment to delivering high-quality products by integrating Laser Integrated into its production line. Operations Manager, Jake Huskins, and Engineering Director, John Walsh, shed light on the market dynamics influencing their decision and the transformative impact of this investment.

The current market scenario has been favorable for MI Windows, with steady growth noted by John Walsh. However, the introduction of new Energy Star codes has prompted strategic adjustments and investments in the production line. MI Windows positions itself in the market by prioritizing customer demands for premium quality and service. According to Jake Huskins, “We sell a high-value product, and they expect premium quality for this value proposition, delivered on time and complete orders.” To meet these expectations, MI Windows sees the integration of Sparklike Laser Integrated as a strategic move to enhance quality assurance and ensure compliance with stringent standards for energy-efficient windows.

Certified by FGIA and NFRC, MI Windows upholds rigorous quality control processes. John Walsh emphasizes, “QC programs follow the requirements of these programs and then further enhanced to meet more stringent customer requirements.” The decision to add Sparklike Laser Integrated to the IG production line stems from the company’s commitment to surpass general requirements and optimize the gas filling process.

While initially utilizing Sparklike Handheld for random sampling, MI Windows recognized the potential benefits of instant QC verification on the production line offered by Laser Integrated. Jake Huskins explains, “We wanted to have instant QC verification on the production line of gas fill rate. Other lines use handheld versions with random sampling.” The integration of Laser Integrated allows MI Windows to download data for comprehensive QC and maintenance monitoring and analysis.

Achieving superior quality control, the technology ensures that poorly filled units are identified and rejected before progressing to window assembly lines, minimizing product reclaims. MI Windows envisions a future where larger sample sizes or even 100% quality assurance become industry norms. With Sparklike’s comprehensive product range, companies in the window industry can tailor solutions to meet their evolving quality check needs.

Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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