Maximize IGU Quality and Optimize Argon Gas Fill with Sparklike’s Cutting-Edge Solutions

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Jolene Hu from Sparklike China Interviews Jiangsu Jiacheng: Elevating IGU Quality and Ensuring Optimal Argon Gas Fill

In a recent interview, Jolene Hu from Sparklike China had the pleasure of conversing with Jiangsu Jiacheng Special Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a distinguished player in the glass industry. With a focus on “honesty, quality, trust, and success,” Jiacheng has earned a reputable standing since its establishment in 2014.

Expanding across an impressive area of over 50,000 square meters, Jiacheng Glass boasts a manufacturing plant and warehouses spanning more than 30,000 square meters. Their core business revolves around high-end processing glass, offering a wide array of products such as fire-resistant glass, bulletproof glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, curved tempered glass, tempered glass, frosted jade glass, low radiation glass, and more. Demonstrating their commitment to excellence, the company has successfully obtained certifications including China CCC certification, ISO9001 quality assurance system certification, Australian building material safety certification, American standard certification, and France Saint-Gobain (China) Club recognition.

Ensuring product safety and quality is of utmost importance to Jiacheng. Initially, the company faced uncertainties regarding their glass passing quality tests, which hindered them from executing thorough quality checks. However, their commitment to their values prompted them to prioritize quality and product safety, enabling them to meet rigorous standards, fulfill customer needs, and gain a competitive advantage.

“In the past, like some other manufacturers, we did not dare to present argon gas-filled IGU samples to our customers or allow them to perform K-value tests. We lacked confidence in our own products, unsure of their qualification and fearful of appearing timid,” shares Mr. Faming Lu, Sales VP of Jiangsu Jiacheng.

Enter Sparklike: The Key to Enhancing IGU Quality and Achieving Optimal Argon Gas Fill

Through the utilization of Sparklike devices, Jiacheng Glass gained the ability to measure gas concentrations within IGUs without the need to break the glass. This innovative solution empowered them to obtain insights into their glass production levels and make the necessary adjustments to meet industry standards effortlessly.

“Our customers now utilize Sparklike equipment to conduct random checks and compare argon gas concentrations from different glass suppliers. As a result, our pass rate is the highest,” affirms Mr. Faming Lu, Sales VP of Jiangsu Jiacheng.

Surpassing Expectations with Advanced Gas Fill Processes

This exceptional outcome is a testament to Jiacheng Glass’s commitment to quality control and the establishment of processes that exceed expectations. Armed with knowledge of where improvements are needed and armed with current gas fill level information, Jiacheng Glass takes great pride in achieving the highest pass rate possible. They have transitioned from a position of uncertainty about their product’s performance to one of unwavering confidence.

“Since I purchased your detector, we ensure that IGUs are filled with argon gas by checking the concentration, guaranteeing a minimum argon concentration of 85% before shipping from the factory. Our product quality ratio has significantly improved from a lack of acknowledgement to 99.9%,” adds Mr. Faming Lu.

Delivering Quality Assurance to Valued Customers

At Jiacheng’s technical exchange conference in 2022, the company made a steadfast commitment to their customers. Their promises encompass various aspects, including product quality assurance, self-explosion warranty, delivery guarantee, after-sales service response time, and technical support provision. Moreover, Jiacheng Glass commits to maintaining product quality standards higher than national 3C standards and implementing the enterprise quality standards agreed upon in the contract.

In concluding the conference, Mr. Lu reminds all industry operators, “No matter how chaotic the market may be, do not worry. The market may change, but the quality remains constant.” This powerful statement resonates with glass industry professionals, emphasizing the timeless importance of prioritizing quality amidst evolving market dynamics.

Experience the Sparklike Difference with Jiangsu Jiacheng

Jiangsu Jiacheng’s partnership with Sparklike has been instrumental in elevating their IGU quality and achieving optimal argon gas fill. Witness firsthand how Jiacheng’s commitment to excellence and Sparklike’s cutting-edge solutions continue to shape the future of the glass industry.

Source: Sparklike Oy with additional information added by Apazone

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