Marval: Back Online and Ready to Thrive with Exciting Upgrades

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In a significant stride towards global outreach, Marval, the esteemed Como, Italy-based company renowned for pioneering machines and technologies in insulating glass production, has marked a pivotal milestone by relaunching its online presence. The company is now proudly accessible through its official website at

Chapter Two: Crafting a Digital Legacy

Following its successful debut at the latest edition of Vitrum, Marval is embarking on the second chapter of its marketing and communication journey. This chapter unfolds with a dynamic online platform that not only showcases Marval’s comprehensive technological solutions—ranging from complete production lines, presses, washing machines, and sealing robots to automatic profile benders and an array of auxiliary machinery—but also narrates the intriguing narrative of Marval’s origin, challenges, and aspirations in this renewed phase.

A Renaissance Fueled by Visionary Leadership

Marval’s recent acquisition by a new shareholding structure, spearheaded by the visionary collaboration of G Technologies Group and Giardina Group, signals a renaissance for the brand. This industrial initiative signifies more than just a change in ownership; it’s a shift in philosophy and strategies. The overarching goal is to reintroduce Marval’s distinguished 40-year legacy to a global audience. The focus is clear—to cater to the evolving needs of international markets that increasingly prioritize sustainable materials, with glass at the forefront. The mission is to provide innovative, reliable, and effective solutions that boast an excellent quality/price/performance ratio.

A Digital Tapestry of Excellence

As users navigate through Marval’s revitalized digital space, they will not only encounter a comprehensive product catalog but also delve into the heart of Marval’s story—witnessing its resilience, evolution, and aspirations for the future. This online portal is not just a website; it’s a dynamic tapestry woven with the threads of innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to delivering excellence.

Source: Marval with additional information added by Apazone

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