Major Milestone Unveiled: Glaston Scores Impressive Order from Finn Lamex for Cutting-Edge ScreenMax Bending Furnace

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Revolutionizing Glass Production: Glaston’s ScreenMax Bending Furnace Set for Delivery in Q3/2024

In a groundbreaking development, Glaston has secured a pivotal order from Finn Lamex Safety Glass, a distinguished Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in cutting-edge windscreens for buses and coaches. The order for the state-of-the-art Glaston ScreenMax bending furnace is now firmly etched in Glaston’s Q4/2023 order book, with the anticipated delivery scheduled for Q3/2024.

Finn Lamex: Pioneering Excellence in Laminated Windscreens

Finn Lamex, a global powerhouse headquartered in Finland, is renowned for manufacturing top-tier laminated windscreens catering to commercial vehicles and off-road machinery, with a particular focus on buses and coaches. Their high-quality windscreens grace iconic red double-decker buses in London, showcasing their global imprint.

Meeting the Surge in Automotive Glass Demand

The automotive industry’s escalating demand for specialized glass, especially in unconventional sizes and intricate shapes, has prompted Finn Lamex to enhance their production capabilities. To meet the surging capacity requirements and integrate cutting-edge glass bending technology, the decision was made to augment their existing ScreenMax fleet with a new bending furnace from Glaston.

Glaston ScreenMax: A Technological Marvel

The ScreenMax bending furnace from Glaston boasts a modular construction, providing Finn Lamex with unparalleled flexibility in scaling production capacity. Beyond ensuring precise control over glass shapes, the furnace incorporates automated processing features to tackle the intricacies of more complex production.

Tero Toivanen, Managing Director of Finn Lamex, emphasizes the company’s commitment to meeting the most demanding client requirements. He highlights their reputation for working with challenging glass and intricate shapes, emphasizing the crucial role of the latest technology in designing production capabilities for sustained growth.

A Testament to Enduring Partnerships

José Yepes, SVP Mobility, Display & Solar at Glaston Corporation, expresses pride in collaborating with industry leaders like Finn Lamex. He underscores the significance of long-lasting relationships and Finn Lamex’s global benchmarking in glass processing and machinery utilization. The choice to integrate Glaston technology stands as a testament to the enduring trust placed in the company’s expertise.

Stay tuned for more updates as Glaston and Finn Lamex redefine the future of glass production with this cutting-edge collaboration!

Source: Glaston Corporation with additional information added by Apazone

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