Major Breakthrough: SCHOTT Secures Funding for Groundbreaking Climate-Friendly Melting Tank Project

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Breaking Boundaries: SCHOTT Revolutionizes Glass Manufacturing with Innovative Climate-Friendly Pilot Plant

In a monumental stride towards environmental sustainability, renowned speciality glass manufacturer SCHOTT has secured a substantial funding of EUR 14.8 million. This funding is allocated for the creation of their pioneering large-scale industrial pilot plant, a venture set to redefine glass manufacturing in an eco-conscious era. SCHOTT’s ambitious project aims to produce pharmaceutical glass with significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, utilizing revolutionary techniques such as melting glass with green electricity and green hydrogen. This transformative initiative marks a pivotal moment in the specialty glass industry, heralding a new chapter of sustainable practices.

Addressing Energy-Intensive Challenges

The glass industry, particularly in Germany, grapples with being one of the most energy-intensive sectors, inevitably resulting in high CO2 emissions during production. The crux of this challenge lies in the energy-intensive melting process, where glass raw materials are melted in refractory furnaces at staggering temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees Celsius. SCHOTT recognizes these challenges and has embarked on a journey to tackle them head-on.


Over the past two years, SCHOTT’s experts have meticulously laid the groundwork through various research projects. Now, the company is poised for a groundbreaking endeavor: these research findings will be translated into real-world applications within an innovative melting tank concept. This ambitious pilot project in Mitterteich, Bavaria, involves an investment of around EUR 40 million. Spanning the next three years, this venture aims to harness green electricity, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an impressive 80% compared to existing technologies.

Government Support for Sustainability

SCHOTT’s trailblazing initiative aligns seamlessly with the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection’s “Decarbonization in Industry” program. This visionary program, managed by the Competence Centre for Energy Intensive Industry in Germany (KEI), supports energy-intensive industries in permanently reducing process-related greenhouse gas emissions. The funding also stems from the European Union through the “NextGenerationEU” fund, underlining the project’s significance on a global scale.

SCHOTT’s journey towards climate-friendly glass production represents not only a technological milestone but also a testament to their unwavering commitment to a greener, sustainable future. Stay tuned as we witness the evolution of an industry, setting new standards in environmental consciousness and innovation.

Source: SCHOTT with additional information added by Apazone

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