Ma’aden and Hexagon Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Unveil the Middle East’s First Digital Mine

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Saudi Arabian Mining Giant Ma’aden and Hexagon Collaborate to Introduce Revolutionary Digital Mine in the Middle East

In a pioneering move towards technological advancement in the mining industry, Ma’aden, the prominent Saudi Arabian mining company, has joined forces with Hexagon to unveil the Middle East’s inaugural digital mine. The strategic partnership involves the implementation of Hexagon’s cutting-edge life-of-mine technology solutions at the Mansoura Massarah mine. This integration encompasses a fusion of sensor technology, advanced software, and autonomous systems, aiming to elevate operational efficiency, productivity, quality, and safety across the entirety of the mine’s operations.

Duncan Bradford, Ma’aden’s Executive Vice President for Base Metals and New Metals, expresses the significance of this collaboration in alignment with Ma’aden’s digitization strategy. He emphasizes the goal to leverage mined data for enhancing safety measures and operational efficiency at Mansourah Massara. The partnership with Hexagon marks a crucial step in the pursuit of transforming the mining landscape through technological innovation.

Nick Hare, President of Hexagon’s Mining division, shares his excitement about contributing to this pivotal shift towards mine digitization. The collaboration seeks to intelligently leverage data and automation across workflows, minimizing the environmental impacts of mining while concurrently improving safety standards, productivity, and operational efficiency. Hare states, “This is about co-authoring the next chapter of mining in this region with a partner who shares in our drive toward a sustainable future.”

As Ma’aden aims to implement the region’s first digital mine, the Mansoura Massarah mine will serve as a testing ground for Hexagon’s comprehensive life-of-mine technology solutions. The integrated sensor, software, and autonomous technologies are anticipated to bring about transformative changes in the mining processes, setting a new standard for the industry in the Middle East.

Source: Apazone

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