LIJIANG Glass Unveils New Distributor Program for 2024, Enhancing Business Partnerships

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Leading insulating glass processing machine solution provider, LIJIANG Glass, introduces an innovative distributor program for 2024, focusing on empowering its distributors and agents with enhanced tools and incentives.

LIJIANG Glass, known for its cutting-edge insulating glass processing machines, is excited to roll out its new distributor program for the year 2024. The program is designed to strengthen the relationship between LIJIANG Glass and its distributors and agents, providing them with essential tools and incentives for successful marketing and sales. The reseller program incorporates key sales tools, incentives, and unique selling points, aiming to create a mutually beneficial business partnership.

In this comprehensive distributor program, LIJIANG Glass offers a range of sales tools, including distributor sales guides, application manuals, product series manuals, product leaflets, and price lists. Additionally, distributors will have access to e-commerce websites, selection guides, platform advertising support, page advertising, Google advertising, and indoor display materials for showrooms, events, or exhibitions. The program goes beyond traditional support, providing outdoor advertising, animation loops, product podiums, work clothes, uniforms, gifts, partner business schools, joint events, exhibitions support, and seminars. These tools collectively aim to boost product sales, ultimately leading to increased profits for distributors.

The LIJIANG Glass’ insulating glass production line equipment R & D, production, and sales team anticipate that this dealer plan will yield immediate positive results, fostering a stronger collaborative environment.

Source: Apazone

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