LIJIANG Glass Revolutionizes Aluminium Butyl Strip Coating with Innovative Extension Wheel

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Revolutionizing Butyl Coating for Jumbo-Size Insulating Glass Aluminium Strips

In the pursuit of innovation and efficiency, LIJIANG Glass has unveiled a groundbreaking solution for coating jumbo-size insulating glass aluminium strips with butyl coating. Traditional methods face limitations in accommodating large-format aluminium frames on synchronous belts during the coating process.

Introducing the Extension Wheel

To address this challenge, LIJIANG Glass has introduced an ingenious extension wheel. This addition, positioned at the end of the synchronous belt, extends the overall size of the belt. As a result, the extension wheel facilitates the support of large-format aluminium strips measuring 2.5 by 2.5 metres and beyond on the synchronous belt.

Unlocking Possibilities

LIJIANG Glass’ solution holds immense potential, particularly for the second butyl sealing of large-format insulating glass. By enhancing the capacity to support sizable aluminium frames, this innovation opens the door to more efficient and effective coating processes.

Advantages of the Solution

The integration of the extension wheel brings forth several advantages:

  1. Enhanced Coating Capacity: The extended synchronous belt accommodates larger aluminium strips, ensuring seamless coating for jumbo-size insulating glass.
  2. Efficiency and Precision: The solution streamlines the coating process, enhancing efficiency and precision while maintaining the quality of the end product.
  3. Optimized Large-Format Sealing: With the extension wheel, LIJIANG Glass empowers the successful execution of the second butyl sealing for expansive insulating glass units.

LIJIANG Glass continues to pave the way for innovation in the glass industry. The introduction of the extension wheel for aluminium butyl strip coating reflects the company’s commitment to addressing industry challenges and providing cutting-edge solutions. This advancement promises to reshape the landscape of large-format insulating glass coating, setting new standards for efficiency and effectiveness.

Source:  LIJIANG Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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