Leka Xi Sales Surge by 20% in 2023, Reinforcing Its Status as a Homeowner Favorite

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Revolutionary conservatory system, Leka Xi, experiences a remarkable 20% sales increase in 2023, offering homeowners and industry professionals a swift, energy-efficient alternative to traditional conservatory builds.

Leka Systems, a trailblazer in innovative building solutions, is proud to announce a substantial 20% increase in sales for its revolutionary modular conservatory system, the Leka Xi, during the course of 2023. Rhys Hoddinott, Managing Director of Leka Systems, expresses enthusiasm for the growing success of the Leka Xi and emphasizes its dual benefit – offering homeowners a rapid, energy-efficient solution and providing industry professionals a competitive edge in the evolving construction landscape.

The Leka Xi stands out as a quick, thermally efficient alternative to traditional conservatory bases or walls. Engineered with precision, its pre-fabricated modular sections can be seamlessly installed on concrete pads or ground screws in a matter of days, presenting a remarkable time-saving advantage and minimizing disruption for homeowners. This modular approach makes Leka Xi an ideal choice for properties with limited or no rear access, as the sections can be effortlessly transported individually.

One of the standout features of Leka Xi is its versatile design, offering a range of authentic finishes through cladding with GRP skins that replicate brick colors or customized finishes. The option for rendered finishes further extends the aesthetic possibilities, providing a stylish and low-maintenance solution for modular home extensions. The GRP construction not only ensures exceptional thermal efficiency but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable home improvement.

Homeowners can tailor their Leka Xi installation by choosing dwarf walls, full walls, or a combination, granting them the flexibility to create anything from a new-build conservatory to a single-storey home extension. Rhys Hoddinott notes, “The Leka Xi is the innovative, intelligent way to give homeowners what they’re looking for without any of the hassle or disruption of a traditional building project. When combined with a Leka Warm Roof or a Leka Orangery Roof, it’s a complete home transformation solution.”

Beyond its evident benefits for homeowners, the Leka Xi holds immense value for installers. Not only does it respond directly to the current demands of homeowners, but its compliance with building control regulations streamlines paperwork for installers. Moreover, Leka installers receive extensive marketing and technical training support, ensuring optimal sales and a seamless installation process. Additionally, Leka installers enjoy an exclusive discount on Checkatrade membership, further enhancing their competitive advantage.

Leka Systems has strategically positioned its products to provide a competitive advantage in the market. Fabricators and installers can leverage the benefits of rapid-installation solutions such as the Leka Xi, propelling themselves to the forefront of a rapidly growing market. Rhys Hoddinott concludes, “To any fabricator or installer yet to bring the Leka Xi into their portfolio, I’d say there’s no time to waste. Get in touch today and discover the transformative potential of Leka Xi.”

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