Leading the Way to Sustainability: STRATO® Carbon Free Revolutionizes Environmental Impact

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STRATO® Carbon Free: Pioneering Sustainability in EVA Interlayers for a Greener Future

STRATO® has launched an industry-first product range, STRATO® Carbon Free, setting new standards for sustainable EVA interlayers. This innovative line, proudly manufactured in Italy, follows a completely eco-friendly production process and utilizes a sustainable raw material supply chain.

ISCC PLUS Certification: A Mark of Sustainability

In 2022, STRATO® achieved the prestigious ISCC+ certification (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), solidifying its commitment to innovation and sustainability. This certification verifies that STRATO® meets rigorous environmental standards and ensures traceability throughout the supply chain, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to a circular economy.

Driving Sustainability Forward

STRATO® EVA Carbon Free plays a vital role in addressing the global challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the chemical industry. By prioritizing the use of renewables and secondary raw materials, STRATO® is actively promoting sustainability and circularity in its processes and products. This commitment has been made possible through continuous collaboration with esteemed researchers and valuable input from customers.

Key Features of STRATO® EVA Interlayers

The STRATO® EVA Interlayers range boasts exceptional thermomechanical properties, surpassing traditional thermoplastic interlayers. These interlayers are moisture-resistant, ensuring suitability for both indoor and outdoor applications. With outstanding adhesion to glass and inserts, STRATO® EVA Interlayers provide excellent acoustic insulation and high resistance to temperature, humidity, and UV rays. These interlayers also offer optical properties, low light reflection, and solar control capabilities, contributing to energy-efficient solutions.

Wide-ranging Applications

The versatility of STRATO® EVA Carbon Free makes it an ideal partner for various applications, catering to diverse needs in both indoor and outdoor settings. STRATO® EVA Interlayers enable the creation of decorative effects, ensuring safety and innovation aligned with architectural requirements. Whether it’s STRATO® CLEAR for enhanced stability and transparency, STRATO® FROST for privacy and natural daylighting, STRATO® SOLAR CONTROL for efficient solar management, STRATO® BIRD FRIENDLY for bird-friendly designs, or STRATO® COLOUR for personalized aesthetics, Apazone’s EVA interlayers offer limitless possibilities.

Apazone: The Epitome of Italian Excellence

Satinal SpA, the pioneer in EVA film production in Italy, is renowned as a reliable source of 100% Made in Italy STRATO® EVA interlayers. With meticulous quality controls conducted in their state-of-the-art R&D Lab, Satinal ensures optimal adhesion of the EVA material to the glass surface. Their extensive expertise in working with EVA-based materials enables them to harness the full potential and unique characteristics of STRATO® EVA film.

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Source: SATINAL SPA with additional information added by Apazone

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