Leading Glass Companies Worldwide Reaffirm Strong Support for Glass Futures

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Global Centre of Glass Excellence Revolutionizes the Industry

St. Helens, Liverpool – In a significant milestone for the glass industry, the world’s biggest glass companies have reaffirmed their dedication to carbon emission reduction by supporting Glass Futures. The recently unveiled 165,000 sq ft Global Centre of Glass Excellence, located in St Helens near Liverpool, serves as a testament to their commitment.

A Decade of Visionary Support

Encirc, Guardian Glass, O-I Glass, and Siemens, the esteemed “founding members” of this not-for-profit venture, backed the groundbreaking idea conceived by Dave Dalton, CEO of British Glass. Their initial investment in Glass Futures paved the way for substantial government innovation funding and the realization of the £54m Centre.

Now, a decade after its inception, these visionary board members are taking a step further to solidify their long-term dedication to the cause. Each company plans to increase annual funding, transitioning to new Strategic Memberships, and extending invitations to other industry players to join the initiative.

Aston Fuller, General Manager at Glass Futures, comments:

“Our founders transitioning into new Strategic Memberships as we take the reins of the completed Centre of Excellence showcases their unwavering vision and commitment over the past decade. Back then, they took a chance on an idea, one that had the potential to revolutionize the entire sector in the long run. Now, not only have we secured funding for significant carbon emission reduction research trials utilizing alternative fuels, but we have also successfully built our state-of-the-art Centre.”

As Glass Futures enters its next phase, the organization introduces the enhanced level of Strategic Membership and updates its membership structure. Employing a credit-based system, members gain exclusive access to the pilot plant facilities on an annual basis.

Driving Innovation for Sustainable, Low-Carbon Glass

Aston further explains, “With our diverse and supportive membership spanning the entire supply chain, we have garnered invaluable support in reaching this milestone. As a not-for-profit organization serving energy-intensive industries, our value lies in research and development efforts aimed at creating sustainable, low-carbon glass to benefit our members.”

The introduction of Strategic Membership offers both existing and new members increased credits for trials on our experimental furnace, along with greater influence over collaborative projects. This presents a tremendous opportunity for organizations whose strategic objectives align with reducing carbon emissions and fulfilling environmental commitments to stakeholders and customers.

With the official opening of the facility slated for this summer and the pilot line firing up within the next 12 months, Glass Futures embarks on an exciting journey toward transforming the glass industry.

Source: www.glass-futures.org with additional information added by Apazone

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