Latest News: FGIA Unveils Revamped Specification for PVC Profiles Enhancing Windows, Doors, and Skylights!

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Unveiling the Latest FGIA Update: Elevating PVC Profiles for Windows, Doors, and Skylights!

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) proudly presents an updated specification that sets new standards for cellular polyvinyl chloride (PVC) exterior profiles used in windows, doors, and skylights. With a focus on dimensional stability, weatherability, heat resistance, weight tolerance, heat build-up, Shore D Hardness, and lead content, this specification, titled AAMA 308-23, is now available for purchase in the FGIA online store.

A Glimpse into the Advancements

AAMA 308-23 aims to provide valuable insights to industry professionals, empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to embrace this innovative technology for fenestration solutions. Notably, cellular PVC windows systems today are designed with a more traditional and historical look, incorporating wooden joinery and accents. This amalgamation of technology, performance, and style opens up unique opportunities for architects, designers, builders, and homeowners.

Evaluating and Promoting Performance

AAMA 308-23 comprises nine comprehensive sections, two figures, and one table, offering producers and users the means to evaluate, understand, and promote a minimum level of performance for PVC profiles. Embrace the potential of this cutting-edge technology to enhance your fenestration solutions.

Obtain Your Copy Today

AAMA 308-23, along with other essential documents from FGIA, is available for purchase at the discounted member rate of $20 or the non-member price of $60. Stay at the forefront of the industry by accessing the latest standards and advancements.

Join the FGIA Community

For more information about FGIA and its range of activities, visit Stay informed, connected, and inspired by the vast resources and expertise offered by the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance.

Elevate your PVC profiles to new heights with FGIA’s updated specification. Enhance performance, embrace innovation, and be part of the forefront of fenestration solutions!

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