Landmark Progress: European Parliament Embraces Net-Zero Industry Act, Championing Sustainability with Glass for Europe

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Breaking News: European Parliament Greenlights Net-Zero Industry Act with Overwhelming Majority!

On November 21, a historic moment unfolded as the European Parliament resoundingly approved the Net-Zero Industry Act, boasting an impressive 376 votes in favor, with 139 opposing and 116 abstentions. This pivotal Act marks a decisive step towards amplifying decarbonisation technologies within the EU and the global market, with a bold objective—manufacturing 40% of the EU’s annual deployment needs in net-zero technologies right here in Europe by 2030.

Glass for Europe Applauds Expanded Scope and Recognition of Key Technologies

In a noteworthy move, Glass for Europe commends the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) for their forward-thinking approach. The decision to broaden the Act’s scope to encompass the entire supply chain is particularly laudable. Furthermore, the inclusion of energy efficiency technologies, high-efficiency industrial processes, and electrification technologies to the roster of net-zero solutions is a nod to the evolving landscape of sustainable innovation.

This expanded scope not only acknowledges the pivotal role of solar photovoltaic but also underscores the significance of manufacturing high-performance glass for building renovations. Glass for Europe highlights the commendable efforts of flat glass producers in their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions from manufacturing processes.

Next Steps: Council of the EU’s Crucial Role

As the spotlight shifts to the coming weeks, the Council of the EU is poised to finalize its position on the Net-Zero Industry Act. Glass for Europe eagerly anticipates the initiation of interinstitutional negotiations soon after. While celebrating this significant milestone, it’s essential to recognize that the Act is a preliminary stride, necessitating robust and effective support to catalyze manufacturing capacities for net-zero solutions within the EU.

Glass for Europe’s Call to Action: Swift Legislation Ahead of 2024 European Elections

Glass for Europe issues a compelling call for a final legislation agreement well in advance of the 2024 European elections. This agreement must acknowledge energy efficiency technologies as integral net-zero solutions and provide steadfast support to fortify these crucial industrial sectors. It’s time for Europe to take the lead in fostering sustainable industrial investments and fortifying resilience in the face of evolving challenges.

Source: Glass for Europe with additional information added by Apazone

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