LandGlass Shares Insights on Shape Changes in Tempered Glass Processing

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Navigating the Dynamics: LandGlass Offers Advice on Addressing Shape Changes in Glass Panes During Tempering

LandGlass, a prominent player in the glass processing industry, provides valuable guidance on managing shape changes in glass panes during the tempering process. As glass enters a tempering furnace, it undergoes transformations that can impact its final form. LandGlass sheds light on these changes and advises operators on effective measures to mitigate potential issues.

The phenomenon stems from the contact between the glass pane and the rollers of the tempering machine. The lower surface of the glass pane expands more rapidly than the upper surface upon entering the furnace, resulting in an upward bend. This leaves the edges of the glass pane suspended in air, with only the central part in contact with the tempering furnace’s rollers.

In this scenario, differential heating occurs, where the part of the glass in contact with the rollers heats up faster than the suspended edges due to heat conduction. As the glass panel fully softens, the suspended portions come into contact with the rollers, absorbing heat. However, by this stage, the middle of the glass panel has reached a much higher temperature than the edges, potentially causing deformation and optical distortion after tempering.

To tackle this issue, LandGlass recommends adjusting the convection fans’ speed at the top of the tempering furnace or fine-tuning the temperature settings for the upper and lower parts of the furnace. This strategic intervention ensures that the glass lays flat quickly within the furnace, rectifying the temperature differentials and preventing potential deformities.

This insightful advice from LandGlass underscores the importance of precision and control in the glass tempering process, offering practical solutions for operators to achieve optimal results.

Source: LandGlass with additional information added by Apazone

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