Keraglass and Serex Multivitrum: A Groundbreaking Success Story Unveiled

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Elevating Excellence: Serex Multivitrum Chooses Keraglass for Its Tempering Furnace

Italian Craftsmanship Redefined: In the heart of Torviscosa, Italy, Serex Multivitrum, with its 40-year legacy, has chosen Keraglass as the beacon of their innovation. Operating not just locally but reaching far into Triveneto, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, and even on international platforms, Serex Multivitrum epitomizes excellence.

Quality That Speaks Volumes

The Pursuit of Excellence: Alviero Seretti, the visionary owner of Serex Multivitrum, shares, “We always chose the best performing European companies.” This relentless pursuit of top-tier quality led them to a transformative decision one year ago—a shift that would redefine their standards.

A Proud Partnership Unveiled

Keraglass: A Name of Trust: With meticulous evaluation, Serex Multivitrum chose Keraglass as its tempering furnace supplier. This pivotal decision has not only elevated their products but has also positioned them as pioneers in large and high-performance façades.

A Testament to Success

This collaboration stands as a testament to Keraglass’ unmatched quality and innovation. Serex Multivitrum’s success story echoes the excellence of Keraglass as the premium choice for top-quality tempering furnaces. Witness the synergy of two industry leaders, shaping the future of Italian craftsmanship.

Source: Serex Multivitrum  with additional information added by Apazone

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