Keraglass: A Firm Confirmation of Unwavering Growth

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Keraglass: A Remarkable Journey of Innovation and Growth

Keraglass, a renowned leader in glass industry technology, headquartered in Baiso, Reggio Emilia, Italy, continues to surge forward on an impressive trajectory of growth. This success can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to pioneering technologies and their remarkable ability to craft tailored solutions for their clients.

Maicol Spezzani, Sales Director at Keraglass, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s recent achievements, stating, “We are delighted with the results we have achieved. Our dedication to ongoing research and the pursuit of cutting-edge solutions underscores our commitment to excellence. We cater to diverse industries, including construction, furniture, architecture, automotive, and solar, always prioritizing quality and meeting our customers’ unique needs.”

Expanding Horizons: Two New Facilities

In a testament to their commitment to expansion and innovation, Keraglass inaugurated two new facilities in 2021 and 2023. The first, spanning an impressive 3000 square meters, is dedicated to machinery assembly and houses a state-of-the-art R&D Lab. The second facility, sprawling across 5000 square meters, was strategically established in Roteglia, in the province of Reggio Emilia. These strategic moves have allowed Keraglass to bolster its production capacity by a staggering 100 percent.

Milestones in Glass Tempering Systems

Keraglass achieved significant milestones in 2022 with the successful installation of over 25 glass tempering systems, all delivering exceptional results in terms of product quality and energy efficiency. This feat was made possible through the implementation of bespoke software and high-quality insulating materials. Anticipating further success, Keraglass aspires to conclude the current year with a remarkable 50 percent increase in installations compared to 2022.

Elevating Laminating and Decoration Systems

The company has witnessed substantial growth in laminating systems, particularly with the Deluxe and Combi models. Similarly, their decoration lines, spanning from traditional screen printing to the cutting-edge digital printing, have enjoyed remarkable success. Keraglass is proud to unveil its latest innovation, Vivida, a next-generation model enabling customers to enjoy a highly flexible production line, seamlessly integrated with other machinery, facilitating the replication of any image on large glass sheets and swift size adjustments.

Pioneering Logistics Solutions in 2024

In the near future, specifically in 2024, Keraglass plans to take another substantial leap forward by introducing cutting-edge logistics solutions and automated systems. This revolutionary approach will encompass a fully automated system for interconnection, storage, and handling, streamlining all processing phases to minimize errors and downtime, thus optimizing production.

A Global Presence with Unwavering Dedication

With a formidable global presence, the invaluable support of the Voilàp group, and their unwavering dedication, Keraglass remains poised to maintain its impressive growth trajectory. Their commitment to product quality and exceptional after-sale service ensures that they will continue to be a driving force in the glass industry, setting new benchmarks for excellence. The future for Keraglass is indeed as bright as the glass it works with.

Source: Keraglass with additional information added by Apazone

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