Kaiser Aluminum Breaks Ground with High-Recycled Content Alloy: Advances Sustainable Practices in Aluminium Industry

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Kaiser Aluminum Files Patent for Revolutionary Recycled Aluminium Alloy Sheet, Setting New Standards in Sustainability

In a bold move towards a more sustainable future, Kaiser Aluminum has recently made waves by filing a patent application for an aluminium alloy sheet that incorporates a substantial amount of recycled material. This patent, recognized by the Publication Number US20230257853A1, details not just the composition but the very essence of a groundbreaking material that could reshape the landscape of the aluminium industry.

At the heart of this patent lies the composition of the alloy sheet, boasting a minimum of 50% recycled content. This intentional inclusion aligns seamlessly with the industry’s growing commitment to sustainable and eco-conscious practices. The remaining components of the alloy are carefully selected non-recycled materials, ensuring a harmonious blend that retains robustness and balance.

What sets this aluminium alloy sheet apart is not just its sustainable composition but also its exceptional strength characteristics. With an ultimate tensile strength (UTS) range of 37 to 52 ksi and a tensile yield strength (TYS) ranging from 34 ksi to 47 ksi, the alloy showcases remarkable resilience under significant stress. This attribute is crucial for a myriad of industrial applications where durability is non-negotiable.

Beyond its impressive recycled content, the alloy introduces a forward-thinking approach by potentially incorporating a third component sourced from mill scrap. This flexibility raises the bar for recycled content, pushing it to at least 70% and drastically reducing the environmental impact of the production process.

The recycled material in this alloy comes from diverse sources, including various scrap aluminium associations. On the flip side, the non-recycled component can be derived from prime aluminium, alloying elements, or a carefully balanced combination of both. The meticulous definition of weight percentages for each element in the alloy composition showcases Kaiser’s unwavering commitment to precision and quality.

This patent doesn’t stop at defining a sustainable alloy; it extends its scope to include a method for manufacturing aluminium packages using the alloy sheet. By shaping the sheet into desired forms, this method produces robust and functional aluminium alloy packages, particularly suitable for processed food applications. This is a commendable stride towards providing sustainable packaging solutions in line with current environmental concerns.

Kaiser Aluminum’s filing of this patent is a monumental step in the industry’s collective journey towards enhanced sustainability and reduced environmental impact. The creation of an aluminium alloy sheet with such a substantial recycled content, coupled with exceptional tensile properties, is a testament to Kaiser’s dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship. This move is poised not only to influence industry standards but to catalyze further advancements in sustainable manufacturing practices.

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