José Luis Escriche Assumes Role of Chief Operating Officer at Turomas, Elevating Leadership in Glass Machinery Manufacturing

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Turomas Welcomes José Luis Escriche as Chief Operating Officer, Enhancing Leadership Dynamics in Glass Machinery Manufacturing

Turomas, a distinguished manufacturer of glass machinery, announces a significant leadership transition with the appointment of José Luis Escriche as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective from January 1. In collaboration with Álvaro Tomás, who steps into the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), they collectively constitute the new management body at Turomas, poised to steer the company towards continued success.

José Luis Escriche brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having been an integral part of the Turomas Group since its inception. His journey began by overseeing the machining section at Turomas, followed by his leadership role at ADA Distribuciones Técnicas. With over two decades of commercial expertise in the glass, double glazing, and façade industry, Escriche has emerged as a pivotal figure within Turomas. Beyond technical proficiency, he embodies crucial elements such as customer proximity and unwavering commitment.

Assuming his new position with enthusiasm and conviction, Escriche is dedicated to propelling Turomas’s growth and addressing the challenge of sustaining and solidifying its international expansion. Expressing his outlook on this new chapter, Escriche stated, “I take on this new challenge in my career with all the enthusiasm, commitment, and responsibility that comes with belonging to a great company like Turomas, where I started my career in the glass sector more than 20 years ago. I hope that my industry knowledge, effort, and personal values will contribute significantly within the great team that makes up Turomas.”

Antonio Ortega, who has played a pivotal role as CEO for over a decade, recently announced his departure from the group. He passes the leadership baton to Tomás and Escriche with complete confidence in their ability to guide Turomas toward a successful future. Although Ortega officially steps down on December 31, he remains connected to the Group, offering financial advice.

Turomas expresses profound gratitude to Antonio Ortega for his dedicated leadership, acknowledging his invaluable contributions to the company’s success. As Turomas transitions into a new era of leadership, the company looks forward to building on its legacy of excellence in the glass machinery manufacturing industry.

Source: TUROMAS with additional information added by Apazone

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