Join Forces with caleoglas & LiSEC: Igniting a Passion for Glass Innovation

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caleoglas Rostock and LiSEC: Pioneering Excellence in Insulating Glass Production

caleoglas Rostock, a prominent member of the caleoglas group, stands at the forefront of manufacturing top-quality insulating glass units. With an unwavering dedication to precision and attention to detail, their experienced team delivers outstanding glass products that meet the highest German quality standards. By harnessing the power of LiSEC’s cutting-edge machines, caleoglas Rostock continues to push boundaries, investing in the future of insulating glass production. Last year, they added the LiSEC VHW-F washing machine to their repertoire, cementing their commitment to excellence.

Introducing caleoglas Rostock

Founded in October 1990 as DGG Rostock mbH, caleoglas Nord GmbH in Rostock has evolved into a leading supplier of glass products throughout Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. With a team of 30 dedicated professionals at their Bentwisch site, caleoglas Rostock offers an extensive range of insulating glass solutions, catering to various needs such as heat insulation, sound insulation, and safety. They are particularly known for their innovative extra-light insulating glass, which boasts exceptional thermal insulation properties. The name “caleoglas” stems from the Latin word “caleo,” meaning “to be inflamed with passion,” reflecting the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering custom glass solutions.

Unleashing the Power of LiSEC for Insulating Glass Production

caleoglas Rostock has embraced LiSEC’s cutting-edge machinery to enhance their insulating glass production capabilities. Over the years, they have integrated an extensive range of LiSEC equipment, including bending machines, frame mounting stations, sealing units, and more. Recent additions to their machinery fleet include the LiSEC RSV frame mounting and inspection station, the LiSEC FPS press with a specially developed nozzle system for turbulence-free gas filling, and the LiSEC BSV-45NK bending machine with a 15-slot profile magazine for spacer frame production. In 2022, they acquired the state-of-the-art LiSEC VHW-F washing machine, equipped with automatic glass coating detection, glass thickness scanning, and an integrated pre-washing zone for impeccable results.

The Crucial Role of Glass Washing Machines

Glass washing machines play a vital role in the glass industry, ensuring thorough and gentle cleaning of glass sheets before further processing. Optimal washing results are crucial to prevent time-consuming manual cleaning at the inspection station and to maintain the purity of the insulating glass units. The lifespan of a glass washing machine depends on various factors, such as maintenance, production quantity, and environmental conditions, typically ranging from 10 to 30 years.

A Testament to LiSEC’s Quality and Support

Christin Pannier, site manager, and Tino Graurock, operations manager, laud the exceptional quality and reliability of LiSEC machines, reinforcing their confidence in the brand. Seamless collaboration between LiSEC systems ensures smooth operations and contributes to caleoglas Rostock’s success. The user-friendly interface and straightforward operation of LiSEC machines simplify training for employees and streamline daily operations. Prompt and reliable support from LiSEC’s service team, available round-the-clock, minimizes downtime and ensures uninterrupted production for caleoglas Rostock.

Embracing a Future of Innovation

caleoglas Rostock remains optimistic about the future, focusing on further advancements in insulating glass production. They aim to cater to the growing demand for larger insulating glass units and higher thermal insulation values. As the renovation market gains momentum, caleoglas Rostock anticipates continued growth and is actively considering additional investments in LiSEC technology. They are particularly pleased with the LiSEC VFL-1F sealing machine, which features the patented Full Support Belt system, ensuring optimal transport of insulating glass units and preventing corner areas from coming into contact with support jaws.

With LiSEC as their trusted partner, caleoglas Rostock is poised to continue their journey of passion and innovation in the field of insulating glass production. Discover the limitless possibilities of their partnership and the remarkable results they achieve in the glass industry. Visit caleoglas Rostock’s website to learn more about their commitment to excellence in glass manufacturing.

Source: LiSEC Austria GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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