JFP’s Million-Pound Machinery Boost Unleashes Timber-Look Welded Joints, Boosting Output and Efficiency

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John Fredericks Plastics Invests Near a Million Pounds in Cutting-Edge Machinery, Elevating Production Efficiency and Output for Timber-Look Welded Joint Products

In a strategic move to enhance efficiency and increase output, Huddersfield-based window and door manufacturer John Fredericks Plastics (JFP) has made a near-million pound investment in state-of-the-art machinery. The machinery, supplied by UK partners Total Machine Services, includes a Schirmer saw centre, two timber-weld verti-quads, five timber-weld millers, and a SV800 corner cleaner. This substantial investment has not only boosted efficiencies by almost 50 percent but also catapulted JFP’s daily output by an additional 100 frames. The company’s customers now have the added advantage of a timber-look welded joint product range, setting them apart in the competitive market.

Machinery Investment and Production Overhaul

JFP’s recent machinery investment, totaling almost a million pounds, has transformed its production lines, resulting in remarkable improvements. The addition of cutting-edge equipment from Total Machine Services, including the Schirmer saw centre, timber-weld verti-quads, timber-weld millers, and an SV800 corner cleaner, has played a pivotal role in elevating efficiency and output. Mark Dicconson, Managing Director of JFP, highlights the significance of this investment, emphasizing the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of product development and providing customers with exceptional choices and services. The revamped production process eliminates manual fixing, offering a fully welded, sealed, and secured joint while preserving the authentic timber appearance on casement window sashes and doors.

Timber-Look Welded Joints for a Competitive Edge

With the newly integrated machinery, JFP introduces a specialist product offering – the timber-look welded joint. This innovation provides customers with a distinctive edge over competitors. The advanced manufacturing process eliminates the need for manual fixing with cleats, glues, screws, and sealant. The result is a seamlessly welded, sealed, and secured joint that retains the exceptional timber appearance. JFP’s casement window sashes and doors, available in both open-in and open-out options, now boast this premium feature.

Impressive Efficiency Gains and Increased Daily Output

The state-of-the-art machinery investment has not only enhanced efficiency but also propelled JFP’s daily output by an additional 100 frames. The advanced production lines, now operating at almost 50 percent increased efficiency, showcase the company’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation. Mark Dicconson expresses the company’s proactive approach, indicating that they are already planning their next round of investments, reinforcing JFP’s commitment to staying ahead of industry standards.

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