Introducing the Revolutionary LiSEC Lamination Line: Unleashing the Power of One by One Mode!

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Revolutionize Your Glass Production with LiSEC Lamination Line’s Cutting-Edge One-by-One Mode

Are you looking to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your glass production? Look no further than the groundbreaking LiSEC Lamination Line’s remarkable One-by-One Mode. Designed to streamline the series production of small glass panels with unparalleled speed and convenience, this innovative feature will revolutionize the way you operate.

Unleashing the Power of One-by-One Mode

The One-by-One Mode of the LiSEC Lamination Line is specifically tailored for high-speed production, allowing a single operator to handle the entire process effortlessly. Gone are the days of complex and time-consuming procedures; now, one person can handle the entire series production with ease.

Minimize Waste, Maximize Efficiency

With the One-by-One Mode, waste optimization takes center stage. Experience a significant reduction in foil waste, thanks to the intelligent waste optimization system integrated into the LiSEC Lamination Line. This cutting-edge feature ensures that every inch of foil is utilized efficiently, minimizing waste and maximizing your overall production efficiency.

Unraveling the Process

The exceptional One-by-One Mode in laminated glass production is characterized by a seamless workflow that guarantees exceptional results. Here’s a glimpse of the process:

  1. Automatic Length Measurement of the Foil: The LiSEC Lamination Line precisely measures the required length of the foil, eliminating any guesswork or manual calculations.
  2. Pre-Cutting of the Foil with an Automatic Foil Knife: Say goodbye to manual cutting! The advanced automatic foil knife effortlessly cuts the foil to the exact length, saving time and ensuring precision.
  3. Storage on the Foil Shuttle: The pre-cut foil is conveniently stored on the foil shuttle, ready for seamless integration into the assembly process.
  4. Pairwise Glass Transport to the Assembly Table: The LiSEC Lamination Line ensures a smooth and efficient transport of glass panels to the assembly table, enabling swift and precise assembly.
  5. Manual Assembly of the Glass by the Staff: Skilled personnel take charge of the manual glass assembly, adding their expertise to the production process and ensuring the highest level of quality.

Witness the Innovation in Action

Curious to see the LiSEC Lamination Line’s One-by-One Mode in action? Watch the video:

Source: LiSEC Austria GmbH with additional information added by Apazone

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