Introducing the Latest Innovations: COOL-LITE® SKN and EPD COATED ORAÉ®—Unlocking Exceptional Performance!

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Elevating Sustainability: ORAÉ® Low-Carbon Glass Joins Forces with the Entire COOL-LITE® SKN Family

In a groundbreaking stride towards sustainability, the integration of ORAÉ® low-carbon glass with the entire COOL-LITE® SKN family. This strategic fusion not only expands design possibilities but also reinforces our commitment to eco-conscious solutions.

Empowering Façade Applications: A Synergy of ORAÉ® and European COOL-LITE® SKN

For façade applications, the pairing of ORAÉ® low-carbon glass with the comprehensive European COOL-LITE® SKN family is a game-changer. This collaboration introduces a new era of possibilities, featuring the highly selective solar control product by Saint-Gobain Glass.

COOL-LITE® SKN ORAÉ®: Setting the Standard for Sustainability

Available in standard sizes and thicknesses (4, 6, 8, and 10mm), COOL-LITE® SKN ORAÉ® mirrors the outstanding performance and quality of our regular COOL-LITE® SKN. What sets it apart is a significantly reduced carbon footprint, with a remarkable -41% reduction for the 6mm thickness.

This substantial reduction is not merely a claim but a validated achievement, thanks to the recently published Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of magnetron-coated glass on ORAÉ®. This comprehensive EPD covers all COOL-LITE® coatings, providing a transparent validation of our commitment to sustainability.

Source: Saint-Gobain Glass with additional information added by Apazone

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